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In these nine cases, adults preened the chicks before pinning them and attempting to copulate and, in some cases, adults continued to preen and/or sun-shade chicks afterwards.
The daily recordings were similar to the female choice experiments, and we analyzed whether females preferred to copulate with either of the two males.
For example, male Japanese quail demonstrate social proximity to female, but not male quail, if they are allowed to copulate with female quail and receive noncopulatory exposures to males.
Caciques and priests also placed berdaches in temples so that lords and headmen might copulate with them at religious festivals (106-07).
For instance, chapter 10 informs us "How to Copulate with a Lady Riding a Horse or Young Ass," another "How to Have a Woman in a Dream," and the most amusing one, "How to Have Intercourse with a Lady in Her Husband's Presence Without His Noticing You.
McLeish's reign lasted three-anda-half tumultuous years and didn't so much experience triumph and disaster as taste, inhale, inject and even copulate with Kipling's twin imposters.
We used male behavioral cues (male singing softly and closely following a female collecting nesting material, male attempting to copulate with a female, male feeding an incubating female, and male feeding nestlings) to determine the social mate of the female.
Too rough and unpleasant to copulate, as applied to a pair of Irish tortoises on rocky ground.
After the death dance they copulate and lose their life.
For instance, the male preying mantis typically sneaks up on a female to mate, gets his head chewed off, and yet continues to Copulate.
President Clinton of the USA = to copulate he finds interns.
The extra time may be used for copulatory courtship, or for the transfer of surplus sperm or other substances to manipulate the female's willingness to copulate with other males, or to use sperm from them.