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cristatus that copulated more than once, five copulated with two male partners, two copulated with three male partners, while only one female copulated with five male partners.
Polygynic males may optimize their reproductive gain by decreasing the investment in courtship strategies for females that had previously copulated or by reducing the amount of the liquid ejaculated when copulating more than once with the same partner (Svard and McNeil 1994; McNamara and Elgar 2008).
Moreover, compared with young females, over-30 females more often attracted groups of males during the females' fertile periods, copulated more frequently with high-ranking males, and were more frequently the objects of fights between males for their sexual favors.
We found that females that only copulated once could produce up to six viable egg sacs, although the number of offspring decreased with each egg sac produced.
How did Her Majesty Queen of the Tomato Pot of Llandegai know that August 1 was the day all queens copulated? Because that, apparently, was what it was all about.
Vestigal-winged females copulated less frequently with both mutants.
(1989) found that experienced males copulated with a female taxidermic model more than inexperienced males.