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So far no pictures have turned up of his appearance in The Copulating Mermaid or from an even sleazier film called Julia Has Two Lovers, in which he played a "dial-a-perv".
BETTING: 4-5 male winner (Ladbrokes), 6-5 female winner (Hills), 5-4 an infra-red camera to find a couple copulating (H), 2-1 Davina to give birth before the end of the show (H), 9-4 A full scale punch-up (H), 4-1 A housemate to leave within 24 hours of the start (H), 8-1 Someone other than the original contestants to win (L), 10-1 A housemate to escape (L), 10-1 Chantelle to make an appearance (L), 10-1 A housemate to smuggle a TV, radio, mobile into the house for World Cup results (H), 16-1 A celebrity housemate to be brought in for at least a week (H).
His topics include classifications of wine in Mesopotamian and Rabbinic sources, two cognate Semitic terms for mating and copulating, gibberish jabber in Hosea 7:16, literary and ideological echoes of Jeremiah in Deutero-Isaiah, a literary reinvestigation of the authenticity of the Oracles against the Nations of Amos, and an overlooked double entendre in Jonah 2:5.
But a closer look reveals the addition of two lovers having sex in the undergrowth of the scene, along with a pair of copulating dogs and the word ``sh*t'' on the label of a jam jar.
the villa is awash in murals of casually copulating couples and naked nymphs, Guarding the house is a painting of Priapus, the god of fertility, weighing his engorged penis, echoed by a fountain statue of him peeing into a basin.
An accordion plays and the player tells us how humans have been wiped out; these, we assume, are the survivors or perhaps a new breed, brutish, ignorant, copulating and fighting and also making music.
Yes, there was full frontal nakedness, simulated oral sex and scene after scene of copulating couples,but none of it was in any way erotically stimulating or offensive.
These scenes, with their passionate-violent embraces, are reminiscent of Matta's drawings from the '40s, which depicted men and women copulating in an orgiastic frenzy.
At the prologue's end, their talk, and the setting, fade into Act I, a massive blowup of the terrarium behind the bar, where Platte and her amphibious subjects--alligators, lizards, snakes, frogs, and a pair of copulating tortoises--slither about.
They spend 5 to 11 hours a day copulating,'' he says.
On one side of the coin would be words of good omen; on the other, a god and goddess would be copulating.