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to beginning of egg-laying, at what time of day it most often occurs and whether copulation is associated with rainfall.
rodents, primates, marsupials, and bats), secretions from accessory glands form copulatory plugs, which are a coagulated mass of protein deposited in the vagina at the end of copulation (Ginsburg and Huck, 1989).
These include: (1) absence of courtship, (2) initiation of copulation by males, (3) short duration of copulation (often less than 10 min), (4) postcopulatory guarding by males, and (5) polygamous copulation by females on short timescales.
In the sixteenth century, however, copulation was still robust, the word used not only for sex and grammar, but also for theology.
One copulation attempt was apparently successful resulting in left palp insertion (Fig.
Our rejection of the use of the term marriage for same-sex copulation reflects that of the Catholic Church.
In the meantime he pals around with a talking rabbit named Ponta, and goes to middle school with a lovesick ghost and a semi-domesticated werewolf who eats dog food and has some of the manga's best lines ("Don't humans just eat the females after copulation anyway?
They passively submit to any form of copulation that qualifies as alternative.
With the bombing [of Hanoi] on our minds, anal copulation with butter didn't sit well.
In the 19th century, having sex by humping another man's thighs was a simple and hygienic form of copulation.
that males remain close to females to ensure copulation at the fertile stage, could not be rejected.
The "demon lovers" of the book's title are not ultimately the witches accused of sex with demons, but the witch theorists themselves who craved accounts of demonic copulation in order to prove to themselves and others that demons were demonstrably real.