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Reproduction increases an individual's fitness directly; however, the act of copulation can incur fitness costs.
The length of non-disrupted copulations videotaped at lek 10/11 ranged from 3 to 7 s (n = 9) versus 4 to 6 s (n = 6) at other leks in Alberta.
Washington, Feb 13 ( ANI ): A sea slug's has an unusual mating behavior - it discards its penis after copulation, grows a new one, and has sex the next day.
The most important intrasexual selection occurs between males and is the relationship between fight success and copulations achieved.
Multiple copulations enhance the risk of predation and parasitism, but those have also several advantages (Torres-Vila et al.
A total of 39 successful matings and 4 aborted copulations were recorded (all or in part) over the 2-season course of the investigation.
Females chosen for multiple copulations were carried outside and brought back inside the porch when mating, as described for their day of emergence.
As measured by the number of copulation onsets and breaks, first males had fewer copulations (mean 2.
Repeated copulations may inflict a mortality cost in females (Blanckenhorn et al.
No copulations or copula-tion attempts were observed during observation periods.
The way you'd get your copulations is by intercept.
Field observations suggest at least four behaviors through which males of various sizes gain copulations with females.