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sjostedti females follow the same bauplan as in other Olios species: from the medially situated copulatory orifices, ducts lead to membranous spermathecae and after one or more coils, back to the posteriorly situated fertilisation ducts.
However, still very little is known about the male copulatory bulb structures, the homology between ground spiders and other related spider groups, and the role of these structures in the mating process.
potency) necessary for successful execution of copulatory patterns.
Gutierrez and Suriano (1992) added generic characteristics and Kritsky and Gutierrez (1998) proposed an emended diagnosis which characterizes Demidospermus as species having: tandem gonads; counterclockwise coiled male copulatory organ; sinistral vaginal aperture; U-, W-, or V-shaped haptoral bars; subspherical eye granules and a sheath like accessory piece serving as a guide for the male copulatory organ.
Natural history and copulatory behavior of the spiny orbweaver spider Micrathena gracilis (Araneae, Araneidae).
Special treatment of patients suffering from a mixed copulatory dysfunction with interoreceptive syndrome.
Mating was confirmed in the morning through observation of copulatory plug in the vagina (day 1 of pregnancy).
Investigating its legendary powers as an aphrodisiac, the medical journal Physiological Behavior published a recent article entitled "Effect of American ginseng on male copulatory behavior in the rat.
For example, it claims that damiana has been proven to boost libido, but the only studies implying this have noted a slight increase in copulatory frequency and testosterone levels in male lab rats.
Mate attendance and copulatory behavior in western bluebirds: evidence of mate guarding.