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Copulatory structures of two species of Embiotocids.
Considerable decrease in the number of ejaculation as the main factor of success in reproduction process caused a significant decrease in copulatory efficiency in ghrelin-received animals.
sjostedti females follow the same bauplan as in other Olios species: from the medially situated copulatory orifices, ducts lead to membranous spermathecae and after one or more coils, back to the posteriorly situated fertilisation ducts.
The copulatory spicule was described by Zunino (1972) as "spicola copulatrice" for the genus Euonthophagus Balthasar.
The morphology of the copulatory organs is species-specific for most spider species.
First, a pull force test has been presented as a measure of blue crab performance mimicking the act of a male crab holding onto a female crab in copulatory and mate-guarding behavior.
Courtship and copulatory behavior of the funnel-web spider, Hololena adnexa (Araneae, Age lenidae).
Both male and female reproductive segments were dissected, especially the female ovipositor and male copulatory organs.
Male rat pelvic copulatory movements: computerized analysis of accelerometric data.
Identifications were based on the dimensions of the hooks and copulatory spicules of the males that were measured using a microscope equipped with an ocular micrometer.