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Imtiaz Ahmad Khan in Islamabad on sharing of data between two organizations to meet the border measures for protection of the trademark, copy rights and patents of the companies.
The meeting was attended by Registrar Trade Mark and Copy Right Shakeel Ahmad Abbassi, Controller of Patent Sabir Qul Khattak, Assistant Registrar Trade Mark Khalida Perveen, Deputy Director Trade Mark Waheed Ahmad Sheikh and other officers of Registries.
Domestic films accounted for almost the entire income from the box office as foreign movies are not screened in Iran due to issues such as copy rights, censorship and the general lack of interest among the public.
She said without long-term solutions to challenges such as inadequate entrepreneurial skills, infringement of copy rights, lack of markets for locally produced artworks and the dominance and monopoly by foreign firms within the local market, the objective to develop the industry would remain a dream.
The National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) should be immediately contacted to get its records straight, else it can be sued for copy rights violations.
The petitioner's counsel, Ahsan Masood, argued that his client produced film Maula Jatt in 1979 and no one could use the title, music, script and dialogues of the film as per the Copy Rights Act.
On the occasion, members of the OICCI shared their concerns on the effective protection of IPR for trademarks, patents and copy rights and to make the Intellectual Property Organisation policy board functional as it has not met since late 2016.
OICCI members' issues shared with the advisor included concerns on the effective protection of Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) for trademarks, patents' and copy rights and to make the Intellectual Property Organization Policy Board functional as it has not met since late 2016.
In addition, the committee targets displaying books in different exhibitions, protecting intellectual copy rights, and discussing the development of electronic publishing.
'A country's socioeconomic development can be gauged through total number of its registered Trademarks and Copy Rights which are directly proportion to creativity and innovation,' he remarked.
The publishing house announced that the stories' copy rights are all to be dedicated to Mahfouz through his daughter's approval.
According to LoU, the copy rights of the developed materials will stay with AIOU.