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408(b) individual retirement annuity or with respect to the exemption from tax of an organization forming part of such a plan or account, and any document issued by the IRS dealing with such qualification or exemption, must be open to public inspection and copying, on written request.
In the past this involved either copying print material or sending the original and mailing these items to the receiving library through snail mail In the world of electronic communications, ILL can be much quicker (just scan and send the item electronically) and much more difficult (how do the sending and receiving libraries work within copyright guidelines, since electronic copying and sending may mean a minimum of four extra copies being available at one time)?
Computer makers and software firms, while supportive of copying restrictions, don't want to see a technical method placed into copyright law because that might inhibit better copy protection ideas from being developed later.
However, if the organization's policy calls for prepayment of reasonable fees for copying and postage, it must provide the copies within 30 days of receiving same.
All essential VCR functions - such as timer setting, tape playback and tape copying - can be carried out using the remote control, which has separate buttons for 8mm and VHS playback.
This generally permits copying software onto multiple computers located at one or more specified locations.
While full-color copying remains much more costly and much slower than one-color copying, more than 130,000 color copiers are expected to be in use by 1992.
The publishers allege that Roberts is illegally copying and distributing copyrighted materials and selling them to University of Florida students.
In addition, DVD Copy 4 supports copying and transcoding a DVD +VR or a DVD- VR format video from DVD recorders to the DVD Video format for broader playback capabilities.
And by combining conversion and copying capabilities in a single solution, we're giving consumers a growth path to the future.
To increase work efficiency, Samsung adds the "Favorite Copy" button, which lets you to select the preset copying mode most often used.