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(56) The following discussion reverses that order of priorities; my concern is with how the copyist used the Adderbury ancestor, through her editorial activities of selection and arrangement, to construct a Rochester for herself and the other members of the reading community she represented.
Orlemanski explains that Thornton's difficulties in copying the Liber are matched by evidence of similar discomfort experienced by fifteenth-century copyists of similar types of material elsewhere.
According to Brown, this particular hand must be that of Salviati's copyist Fabrizio Caramelli, an individual mentioned in many letters as someone Salviati could trust.
In one instance, for example, she notes how one scribe changed the word parvos as pravos; she says that 'in the conventions of Latin palaeography, the abbreviation for the two words are similar but distinguishable, so the copyist was presented with the opportunity but not the imperative to mix them up' (p.
The music copyists use a music notation computer program called Finale to edit instrument and vocal scores.
During the past two decades, scholars have dispelled the notion that Sophia Peabody Hawthorne was merely a copyist, rightly forgotten as a minimally talented lady-painter, or unhappily remembered as the prudish bowdlerizer of her husband's notebooks.
She is no copyist, though, stamping her mark on the songs and polishing it with original arrangements.
The later text, however, contains an apparent copyist's error, with the result that instead of repeating the earlier text verbatim (apart from "Arzawa" for "Luviya") and reading "If a Luvian abducts a free person, man or woman, from the land of Haul and leads them away to the land of Arzawa ...," the text actually appears to read "If someone abducts a free person, man or woman, from the land of Haiti or from the land of Luviya and leads them away to the land of Arzawa.
The "revolt" described in the work's title involves the embrace of a new kind of writing at a crucial moment in an author's life that follows a period when the writer has served as a scribe or copyist intent only on reproducing accepted norms.
In spite of the challenges posed by his illness, Alan was a brilliant musician, copyist and arranger, playing trumpet on dance radio, in orchestras, and in jazz bands throughout his life.
Simon has a great affection for the music and sound of Hayes without ever being a copyist and has indeed written a highly acclaimed book on the life and times of his hero.
He hadn't finished the score and the copyist nearly lost his wits scribbling madly the night before.