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The legal element of the HyperNietzsche project has tried to adapt the concept of Copyleft to the demands of scientific research in the human sciences not just by theoretical reflections, but also by putting in place legal conditions which allow the web site to function.
La utilizacion de nuevas tecnologias y, sobre todo, la puesta en digital de parte de los catalogos de las EC mediante formas de acceso abierto y/o bajo licencias copyleft, sumado a la libre disponibilidad de titulos digitalizados por los usuarios a la web Scribd, nos remite tambien a una doble estrategia: la incorporacion de criterios esteticos y poeticos por parte del lector en la construccion del catalogo general en digital y, por otro lado, el sostenimiento de la ritualidad de resistencia de las EC tambien en formato digital mediante la promocion de los titulos propios en acceso abierto.
The Attribution Share-Alike is closest in intent to the GNU copyleft, where anyone can modify and re-distribute the work, including commercially, so long as the author is credited and so long as no restrictions are placed on future users other than preventing proprietary hoarding.
(17) Copyleft licenses demand greater continuance of
Copyleft and free or open access are two responses to the problem of the legally enforced scarcity of public domain works and access to information--actions that restrict fair efforts in due diligence when assessing the provenance of works of art that are changing hands.
Berry, Copy, Rip, Burn: The Politics of Copyleft and Open Source, Pluto 2008.
Por lo pronto, el mejor ejemplo de ello se encuentra en la aparicion de nuevas licencias o patentes sobre los bienes culturales, donde destaca especialmente la confrontacion entre las licencias propietarias y restrictivas (copyright) y las de tipo abierto (copyleft) disenadas para potenciar la replica, el uso y la distribucion en comun.
Stallman (developer of GNU, founder of the Free Software Foundation) likes to point out, there is much confusion on the issue of copyright, copyleft, open source, and free software (
One of the most pervasive licenses, originating with Stallman, does not even allow modifications to be distributed without allowing subsequent modification and distribution ("copyleft").
[A]n open source mechanism called copyleft was developed so that any innovation resulting from the open source approach would not be protected or stopped from copying or modifying either by the original licensor or his licensees under open source licence.
drafted the expand the copyleft principles of the GPL to creative works.
From public domain in copyright, the open access or copyleft licensing to the multiple and complex authorship resulting from online wiki creation and new forms of cohousing based on common spaces and property, all rely on the lack or limitation of exclusive rights and the accommodation of symmetric entitlements of other individuals.