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Surgical treatment for distal clavicle fracture with coracoclavicular ligament disruption.
Kajino, "Coracoid process avulsion fracture at the coracoclavicular ligament attachment site in an osteoporotic patient with acromioclavicular joint dislocation, " Case Reports in Orthopedics, vol.
For Tossy type III patients besides rupture of acromioclavicular ligament and coracoclavicular ligament they also suffer from X-ray-disclosed complete distal displacement and piano key signs in some cases.
The purpose of our study was to compare outcome between clavicular hook plate and coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction using autograft in chronic Grade III injury.
Injuries involving the distal clavicle in children are classically "pseudodislocations" of the AC joint in which the joint and the coracoclavicular ligaments are usually intact, and fracture involves the lateral physis of the clavicle with displacement of the bone through a split in the periosteal sleeve.
A biomechanical evaluation of an anatomical coracoclavicular ligament reconstruction.
Type II: Fracture distal to the coracoclavicular ligament.
29) This article will discuss several of the common methods of surgical treatment of AC joint injury such as hook plate stabilization and numerous variations of the modified Weaver-Dunn technique but will focus on the more current techniques of anatomic coracoclavicular ligament augmentation or reconstruction.
Surgical treatment for distal clavicle fracture associated with coracoclavicular ligament rupture using a cannulated screw fixation technique.
Ogawa and colleagues, (1) type I; Eyres and coworkers, (4) types III to V), and those with associated type III or greater acromioclavicular dislocation, coracoclavicular ligament disruption, distal clavicle fracture, and significant intraarticular involvement of the glenoid fossa.
Anatomically, the acromioclavicular and coracoclavicular ligament attach the clavicle to the scapula laterally.
The shoulder girdle effectively hangs from the clavicle by the coracoclavicular ligament.