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Rehmat Salam Khattak said the warm welcome accorded to the Turkish President in Islamabad and Lahore reflected our immense respect, warmth and cordiality for people of Turkey and their leadership.
Our ties with Nepal are characterized by cordiality, mutual respect and commonality of interests.
Nepal is an important regional country and Pakistan's ties with Nepal are characterized by cordiality, mutual respect, and commonality of interests.
Valdez said cordiality by being respectful toward each other is required.
President M Abdul Hamid and Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina Tuesday hoped that the members of the Coast Guard would work with patriotism, sincerity, honesty, courage and cordiality to ensure foolproof security of the country's maritime and coastal regions, reports BSS.
He pointed out that "the ambition of Iraqis today is the return of Kuwaiti companies to contribute to the reconstruction of what was destroyed during the war of liberation and brotherly relations return to the past of the cordiality and cohesion.
IN its determined effort to boost cordiality with its host community in line with social responsibility, Bauchi State-owned Abubakar Tatari Ali Polytechnic (ATAP) situated in Wuntin Dada area of Bauchi metropolis has received 150 indigenes of the area as casual workers.
The First Minister goes to Downing Street today to attempt to reintroduce some kind of cordiality into the talks over which parliament does what and when.
She said that the relations between the two countries, based on historical links, are characterized by warmth and cordiality.
Here she limits herself to their correspondence with each other explaining their public stances on certain matters: the road to the Committee for the Scientific Investigation of Claims of the Paranormal (CSICOP), the demarcation problem, the dissolution, and return to cordiality.
Both sides agreed to enhance frequency of bilateral interactions at multiple tiers through different command and staff channels to foster an environment of mutual respect, trust, cordiality and cooperation.