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The PAF retired officers who desire to become member of theassociation are also cordially invited,' a press release issued here on Wednesday said.
Summary: The Abu Dhabi Systems and Information Centre In association with ADWEA & Injazat Data Systems Cordially invite you to attend a special presentation to
IN his letter he says: FOR a New Year's gift so beautiful that nothing could exceed it I thank you most cordially, for I think that it would be difficult for me to deserve this, were it not for your humanity and favour.
The man spoke cordially to shop owner Glen Soustek for several minutes.
Upon all of you I cordially invoke God's blessings of wisdom, joy and peace.
Families, single parents and conventional anglers who want to convert to fly-fishing are cordially invited.
PIMA cordially invites you to exhibit at the 34th Annual Information Technology/International/Conference, April 21-24, 2002 at the Richmond Marriott, Richmond, VA.
All members and their families are cordially invited and are requested to intimate about their attendance to Secretary PAFROA, Sqn Ldr (Retd) Dr.
Summary: Cordially invites a reporter and a photographer from your esteemed publication to attend
Some wags speculated that the death of this socially abstemious man within months of the Council's conclusion was perhaps hastened by the introduction of the 'kiss' or 'salutation' of peace, during which worshippers were now invited to turn to their neighbours in the pews and cordially extend to them the "peace of Christ.