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There were quite a few vans and cars and they had cordoned off the street.
Because of the severity of the leak, a good chunk of the town centre had to be cordoned off.
30PM: The cordon is relaxed to allow traffic past the police station, though the station remains cordoned off and the West Road is still shut between Wingrove Road and Hampstead Road while bomb disposal teams check out the house.
We are not going to open any of the closed schools or individual rooms that have been cordoned off until we get some outside review,'' said Angelo Bellomo, a key environmental safety team member.
Police also had a presence in Bank Road, where ence in Bank Road, where alleys leading towards the alleys leading towards the canal were cordoned off.
PART of Coventry city centre was cordoned off last night after reports a gun had been fired.
Police cordoned off an area around Queen Street, Newcomen Terrace and Henry Street after receiving the report at 2pm yesterday.
The entire area has been cordoned off till the filing of the report.
Police cordoned off the tunnel near Archdeacon John Lewis Primary School, Bridgend, at about 4.
PARTS of Coventry city centre were cordoned off this afternoon after what was believed to be an unexploded World War II bomb was unearthed.
Police cordoned off all of St John's Gardens after the man was found on St John's Lane with two stab wounds just before 6pm yesterday.
AN HISTORIC Tyneside building was cordoned off after reports of falling debris.