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The Israeli occupation authorities announced on Sunday the imposition of a comprehensive security cordon on the occupied West Bank and the closure of the crossings into the Gaza Strip during the Jewish "Purim" holiday, Quds Press has reported.
20pm all cordons were lifted when there was deemed to be no risk to the public.
When the ascending shoot reaches the second cordon, cut it and wait for new shoots to emerge before selecting three more shoots to continue the training of your espaliered tree.
30PM: The cordon is relaxed to allow traffic past the police station, though the station remains cordoned off and the West Road is still shut between Wingrove Road and Hampstead Road while bomb disposal teams check out the house.
Le Groupe Europeen d'Ethique en Science et Technologie (GEE) doute de la legitimite de l'usage commercial de banques de sang provenant de cordons ombilicaux.
When creating a contingency plan, police departments should take into account evacuation plans, pre- and post-bomb cordons, other emergency services, and changing bomb scene objectives.
POLICE formed cordons across the pitch at Hillsborough as the emergency response to the disaster was going on, the inquests heard.
Cordons where placed around Woodbridge Road, Alcester Road and Trafalgar Road and all houses in between were evacuated.
PHOTO (1--Color) Deputy Dan Finn cordons off the Saugus High campus Wednesday after a device resembling a bomb was found.
The cordons may have limited visibility to the public, such as a cordon in force at the communal entrance to an apartment block.
There were no cordons to speak of and, when you got to that vantage point again on the bridge to look at the ground, it was just a mass of people and you couldn't work out any queues.
He said the briefing before the 1988 match had mentioned cordons of police checking tickets on the approach to Leppings Lane.