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Economy Secretary Derek Mackay confirmed the cash amid frustration from traders and residents shut out of a safety cordon around the site while the building is dismantled.
Police have cordoned off a large area in Cardiff after one person was taken to hospital in the early hours.
The Israeli occupation authorities announced on Sunday the imposition of a comprehensive security cordon on the occupied West Bank and the closure of the crossings into the Gaza Strip during the Jewish "Purim" holiday, Quds Press has reported.
Merseyside Police tweeted to say "cordons are currently being put in place and members of the public are advised to avoid the area".
But officers later revealed the package was a fake and lifted the cordons while forensic officers combed the bank for clues.
Maintenance of three aquatic cordons along the Nile Path to the north of Rashid Nile Branch including Al Salmiya Cordon, Salhagar Cordon & Benofar Cordon.
"We organised the operation in such a manner that we cordoned the area in two cordons outer and inner.
Road cordons in the area were lifted at about 5.30pm.
6PM: Families are allowed to return to their homes in Benwell Grove and Ladykirk Road after cordons around the West Road are lifted.