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MERSEYSIDE Police used powers to cordon off areas because of terrorism fears six times last year - the highest on record.
20pm all cordons were lifted when there was deemed to be no risk to the public.
When the ascending shoot reaches the second cordon, cut it and wait for new shoots to emerge before selecting three more shoots to continue the training of your espaliered tree.
30PM: The cordon is relaxed to allow traffic past the police station, though the station remains cordoned off and the West Road is still shut between Wingrove Road and Hampstead Road while bomb disposal teams check out the house.
Plans should be designed for both pre- and post-bomb cordons because the requirements differ.
He told the court in 1988 there were two cordons of police officers as he approached the ground from south of the stadium.
HOMES in a Birmingham suburb were evacuated and a cordon thrown around a police station after a suspect package was found dumped in the front office by officers.
Liverpool fan Brian Skarratts also gave evidence about the filter cordons on Leppings Lane.
Builders working on renovated houses were waiting by the cordons.
Police set up a cordon as a precautionary measure and asked people to leave the area.