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The "pilot rehabilitation and regenerating project of the forests of oak cork in Tunisia" which will implement various research activities and introduce new approaches to rehabilitate the cork oak forests in Tunisia, will plant 100 hectares of cork oak with special techniques used in the first phase, the regeneration of 10 hectares of old cork oak stands by rejection of strain and modernization of the nursery Majen Essef.
dispar in cork oak forests, chestnut and yeuseraie in altitude was carried out on 30 trees per site in 2008 from August, corresponding to the end of the laying or on a total of 90 sample trees.
Because cork oaks act as important "carbon sinks," meaning they transform atmospheric C[Co.
Foresters, ecologists, resource economists, and other contributors focus on the western Mediterranean to look at the restoration, amelioration, and long-term management of landscapes whose common feature is the extraordinary cork oak tree.
Cuvaison Estate Wines in California's Napa Valley is lending its support to the replanting of cork oak forests in threatened habitats in Portugal.
The wine industry plays a critical role in maintaining the economic value of cork and the cork oak forests.
The bark of cork oak trees regenerates, allowing the trees to be safely stripped in nine-year intervals to create natural wine corks.
Farming engineer Antonio Campos emphasises the importance of "restoring indigenous species, notably broad-leaved trees such as green oak and cork oak in the south, and oak and chestnut in the north, instead of systematically planting pine and eucalyptus".
Current trends include replacement of evergreen oak forest, cork oak (Quercus suber), by fast-growing trees such as Eucalyptus species, and an increase in agriculture and grazing pressure, as a result of demographic pressure (northern Africa) or deleterious land management practices (Europe).
Cork is harvested from the bark of the cork oak tree every nine to eleven years, allowing the tree to live its full life expectancy of 150 to 250 years.
The area will be replanted with cork oak and umbrella pines to replace non-indigenous eucalyptus and pines.