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Pickwick paused, bottled up his vengeance, and corked it down.
in a tone which implied that her indignation would fizz and ooze a little, though she was determined to keep it corked up, "you'd far better hold your tongue.
A corked bat that allegedly belonged to legendary New York Yankees slugger Mickey Mantle will be auctioned off later this month.
And the disappointment of saving a prized bottle for a special event and then finding it is corked should be more than enough to change anyone's mind about cork being a magical ingredient of the wine-drinking experience.
Corked wines have been the bane of winemakers, and they are a big part of the impetus to use cork alternatives.
Corked wine has been a bane for wine lovers since the development of these natural stoppers, but a hi-tech process which blasts the cork with carbon dioxide is said to remove all traces of the stale taint.