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Your readers will possibly comprehend that the Atlantic, in this parable, stands for the mighty ocean of ether through which we drift and that the bunch of corks represents the little and obscure planetary system to which we belong.
M'Dougal pretended to be convinced by their reasoning, and assured them that, so long as the white people should be unmolested, and the conduct of their Indian neighbors friendly and hospitable, the phial of wrath should remain sealed up; but, on the least hostility, the fatal cork should be drawn.
Sancho likewise held his peace and ate acorns, and paid repeated visits to the second wine-skin, which they had hung up on a cork tree to keep the wine cool.
replied my aunt, pulling the cotton out of one ear like a cork.
I put the cork into the bottle, desired him to be calm, and began to talk to him of the means by which he might be extricated.
JEREMY bounced up to the surface of the water, like a cork and the bubbles out of a soda water bottle; and he swam with all his might to the edge of the pond.
said the nurse, picking up the cork of the green bottle, which had fallen out on the pillow, as she stooped to take up the child.
Then he blacked his face with burnt cork and put the cork in his pocket.
Corks are then packed into thermo-sealed bags and shipped to warehouses in the U.
The bark of cork oak trees regenerates, allowing the trees to be safely stripped in nine-year intervals to create natural wine corks.
When he was six years old the young Pollack decided, with impeccable logic, that if an ordinary cork floated in water, a boat constructed entirely of corks couldn't ever sink.
The cork industry is understandably concerned about the loss of its market share and is putting considerable investment into finding ways of reducing the levels of contamination in its wine corks, such as treating them with microwaves.