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Altogether 912 cormorant pellets were collected during winters 2014/2015 and 2015/2016.
With DNA from four cormorant species in hand, Burga and his newfound friends learned that the Galapagos cormorants' stubby wings result, in part, from mutations in specific genes that encourage limb growth (SN: 6/11/16, p.
Based on mounting research pointing to IL-8 being an important driver of malignant tumors, HuMax-IL8 was acquired from Genmab A/S and taken into development by Cormorant.
In addition to euthanizing California sea lions, wildlife officials have been shooting double-crested cormorants and barred owls, and poisoning ravens--species that have certain federal protections--all ostensibly to help struggling populations of Chinook salmon, greater sage grouse, and spotted owls--species that are either listed under the ESA or are potentially eligible for eventual listing.
In 1909-1989, Pelagic Cormorant colonies were documented at Triangle Island, Sartine Island, Beresford Island, Lanz Island, and Cox Island (Carl and others 1951; Drent and Guiguet 1961; Vermeer and others 1976a,b; Rodway and others 1992, 2011; Carter and Sealy 2011).
Great Blue Heron nest success in northeast South Dakota was negatively correlated with the percentage of Double-crested Cormorant nests occurring in colonies.
In the burnt wood and glass sculptures titled ' Cormorant Fishing' and ' Cormorant Fish Hunting' he casts a discerning eye on corporate lives, provoking viewers to think about how lives are controlled within office cubicles.
The Cormorant - 232 miles north-east of Peterhead - remains closed.
The UK holds internationally important wintering numbers of cormorant and the RSPB believes placing the birds on General Licence could prove disastrous as it could lead to uncontrolled killing of the species.
The company has now confirmed that it is safe to reopen the Brent system, while the Cormorant Alpha platform remains closed.
The Cormorant Alpha was shut down last night while TAQA Bratani, who own and operate the platform, investigated.
Dubai -- Abu Dhabi National Energy Company (Taqa) said it is evaluating plans to restart 80,000 barrels a day of oil output that runs through its closed UK North Sea Cormorant Alpha oil platform but gave no indication of a restart date.