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Behavior patterns are constrained by flightlessness, a unique factor among the 27 cormorant species.
With an intense, grey-eyed stare, a reptilian, sinuous neck, and an alarming habit of standing motionless - wings drying outstretched in the manner of a demonic crucifix - cormorants tend to grab your attention.
Some of the statements in this announcement may be forward-looking including statements relating to Antrim's business plans for testing, completing and producing from the Cormorant East Well, statements regarding anticipated first oil from Causeway, and statements regarding expected timing of the Cyclone well.
Cormorant is a massive pyrrhotite breccia system that trends for approximately 5km both to the south and north of Cormorant.
This information will help identify priority-feeding areas to help design new protected areas and to understand environmental conditions that affect cormorant populations.
As the crew approached in their AW101 Cormorant helicopter, they were battered by the turbulence of 85 kph wind gusts blowing straight down the mountain.
Dancing Cat's Publisher Gail Winskill comes to Cormorant with more than 30 years of experience, most recently as Children's Publisher at Fitzhenry & Whiteside.
GE incorporated new design features into a newly manufactured replacement Frame 32J machine for the Lake Cormorant station, increasing efficiency by 2%.
This latest producing well is a side track from the existing CN30 well in the Brent reservoir of the Cormorant field and lies in around 530 feet of water.
WASHINGTONAu In 1991, amid the media carnival that turned the Persian Gulf War into a sideshow, the central figure in television coverage became not a general or a hero sergeant, but a staggering cormorant that had gotten slimed by all the oil that was pouring into the local waters as sabotage.
THIS was the remarkable scene which greeted city centre onlookers yesterday as a cormorant nearly bit off more than it could chew.
georgehills Cormorant Wood in the Champion Stakes at Newmarket.