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CORN. In its most comprehensive sense, this term signifies every sort of grain, as well as peas and beans, this is its meaning in the memorandum usually contained in policies of insurance. But it does not include rice. 1 Park. Ins. 112; Marsh. Ins. 223, note; Stev. on Av. part 4, art. 2; Ben. on Av. eh. 10; 1 Marsh. Ins. 223; Park on Ins. 112; Wesk. Ins. 145. Vide Com. Dig. Biens, G 1.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Our feverfew and corn cockle bloomed first, while dahlias and Chinese foxgloves took us well into fall.
In the wildflower bed, pupils from Grangefield School sowed a mixture of corn poppy, corn marigold, corn chamomile, corn cockle and cornflower from free packets of seeds provided by the RHS.
Plants such as Corn Marigold, Corn Cockle, Camomile, Cambridge Milk Parsley, Field Scabious, Field Poppy, Greater Knapweed, Ox Eye Daisy, Ragged Robin, Teasel, along with meadow turf are ideal for attracting insects, with the added benefit of helping to ensure good pollination of flowers.