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In addition, eye banks in the US exported about 20,000 corneas to other countries in 2012, an increase of 7% over 2011.
The human cornea is the clear protective lens on the front of the eye through which light enters the eye.
The national eye bank at a hospital in Karantina has made vast progress in regulating local cornea donations that used to have a waiting time of several years and almost no oversight before 2000, said Elias Warrak from St George University Hospital.
One of them can be used as an alternative to a donor cornea in cases where the patient would not tolerate a donor cornea, let alone the issue of donor material shortage," said IAP project manager Dr.
The theory is that the stem cells will keep dividing after the op, keeping the surface of the cornea clear and healthy.
Post-LASIK ectasia occurs when the cornea weakens and bulges in a way that distorts vision--a phenomenon that can arise immediately, months, or years after surgery.
After consultation, Dr Ang analysed that the best option to save Lin's eye and restore long-term vision was to reconstruct the eye surface and to replace the diseased cornea with an artificial cornea transplantation using Boston KPro.
The lab- made cornea has been developed in Canada and implanted in 10 patients suffering from central corneal scarring in Sweden.
Quawasmi added this new method of treatment is based on doing some changes to the corneal topography, thickness and the short-sightedness effect that occurs in keratoconus, adding any patient diagnosed with keratoconus or a high astigmatism can now do this new operation with a low cost instead of replacing the cornea.
The main Musallam Medical Center in Ramallah this week received two deliveries from the US with dozens of corneas, donated by Tissue Bank International, an American organization that facilitates cornea and tissue transplants.
The medical city observed Cornea Day recently to commemorate the successful transplantationAaof 55 corneas since the procedure started in the facility in June 2007.