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The committee will be comprised of Cornea Surgeon Prof Dr Mohammad Sultan, Dr Mohammad Nawaz, Dr Qaisar Hanif, Surgical Specialist Prof Dr Javed Iqbal Anesthesia Specialist, Prof Dr Rubina Firdous, local notables Iftikhar and Farrukh Zaman.
The method described in this issue of Nature Eye-Pneumatic Keratology- can be used to alter the cornea by non-invasive means.
Vice-Chairman/Incharge Eye Ward Prof Dr Mohammad Sultan briefed the meeting about donation of Cornea, approval procedure from Punjab Human Organ transplant Authority and administrative matter etc.
Our tests showed that the alignment of cells and fibres allowed light to be better focused and made the cornea more transparent.
Treatments that suppress the immune system's response to the foreign corneas, such as steroid eye drops, can help prevent or reverse rejection.
This is an advanced surgery as it maintains the patient's cornea by only replacing the affected area and layers.
An official at Al Nahda Hospital confirmed that the medical staff is preparing to perform cornea transplant surgeries.
Better to use the topographer and, less scientifically, stand at the patient's side and look at the cornea in profile.
Eventually, the discoloration and a cloudiness of the cornea can prevent light from entering the eye and result in blindness.
Your vision can usually be corrected by glasses with specially curved lenses to compensate for the uneven cornea and sometimes rigid contact lenses are also effective because they smooth out the cornea's surface.