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The most recent published figure for the SA national corneal transplant waiting list was in 2007, and totalled 1 738 adults and 146 children.
However, the partial corneal transplant only replaces the diseased part of the cornea while maintaining the healthy parts.
Al-Shifa Trust Eye Hospital has upgraded facility to conduct at least fifty corneal transplants every month and so far 235 operations have been conducted successfully since July 2015, said a senior official of Al-Shifa Trust.
This includes Schwind Amaris excimer laser systems, which are the instruments of choice for the world's leading corneal transplant surgeons.
SighLife helped to develop the methodology to precisely cut corneal tissue using IntraLase keratoplasty to treat a variety of corneal transplant indications.
Conclusion: When topical Bevacizumab is used, it reduces the recurrence of neovascularisation and thus helps increasing the frequency of graft survival in cases of high risk corneal transplants.
Since the establishment of the Oklahoma Lions Eye Bank, over 18,500 corneas have been donated resulting in approximately 15,000 successful corneal transplant surgeries.
The patient reported that he had been offered a corneal transplant in the right eye in another hospital he visited and he wanted a second opinion.
But progression of the disease meant his last option was that of a corneal transplant.
But despite being told she needed a corneal transplant to restore her sight in August 2007, the 65 year old, from Caerphilly, is still waiting for surgery.
Dean Norris has undergone a string of operations to cure his blindness but has been told that he cannot have a corneal transplant without medication which could cost up to pounds 18,000.
Dr Saleh Saif Al Mosabi, corneal transplant surgeon, said in the old days, most of the local patients who needed a corneal transplant used to travel abroad to international centres.