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She urged the governmental and non-government sectors as well as the Saudi families to extend support to the project in a manner that serves its announced goals as regards the awareness in its capacity as the corner stone for the welfare of the Saudi society and spreading the culture of dialogue among the members of the society in addition to setting up priorities and confronting challenges facing each family with a collective spirit and genuine work.
Summary: The Queen has dedicated the corner stone of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights today as she continues her tour of the country.
AaAa The princess noted that the preservation of the environment is the corner stone of development policies and strategies instituted by the Kingdom.
Its corner stone was laid by Sheikh Mohammad on March 21, 2006.
Mohammad Halim Fidai, governor of Wardak province addressing the ceremony held for laying down corner stone of the building praised sincere assistance of Turkish Provincial Reconstruction Team (PRT) for its financial assistance in construction of the two-story building which would have 14 rooms, a meeting hall, one dinning room, and other necessary accessories.
We are very proud to lay the corner stone of the first vehicle manufacturing and assembly plant in Jordan.
According to the company, Corner stone Advantage is designed to reduce the premium costs of long-term care coverage and to utilize "common insurance concepts like 'co-pay' and 'dollar deductibles' to make the coverage easier to understand.
They put to test the theories developed in recent years within the framework of generative grammar and evaluate whether they can be seen as an essential corner stone of an integrated theory of focus and the related information-structural notions.
And Manchester United manager Ferguson is backing the man who was once the corner stone of his all conquering Aberdeen side of the 1980s to prove his credentials with one of England's top clubs.
The customer service we have as the corner stone of our business will continue with both companies," said Debbie Mann, GSM president.
Patriot is the corner stone of the US Army's integrated air defense systems.
Nick Allott, the Hippodrome's managing director, said: 'This theatre has always been a corner stone for tours of major musicals.