corner the market

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It's been a while since someone has tried to corner the market for a commodity, but it looks like it has happened with cocoa.
Since it looks as good as a DS and an SM, they might just corner the market.
Now investors such as Amaranth Advisors, a hedge fund that controlled more than half of all natural gas deals atone point in 2006, can corner the market and cause rates to skyrocket.
Although we don't recommend attempts to corner the market in gourmet fish guts, this clearly demonstrates CAS's superior freezing and storage abilities.
From selling lunches and lending money to his fellow miners, he progressed to corner the market on Black Death in Birmingham with his burial society, funeral home, insurance company and cemetery.
When Lienzo is introduced to coffee and enticed into trying to corner the market, the multiple plots thicken, divide, and nearly ruin him for good.
Just Ready Pac, the California company that's trying to corner the market in no-fuss vegetables.