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CORNET. A commissioned officer in a regiment of cavalry.

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In the same liners, Spottswood also mentioned that the three most important Cuban orquestas tipicas that recorded between 1905 to 1907, had cornetists as their leaders, as did the New Orleans ensembles in the majority of the cases.
But many were novelty items that featured women in stereotypically masculine roles--lady cornetists, trombonists, and baritones are listed alongside the lady fencers, boxers, and strongwomen.
Given that the players he's talkingabout include high-caliber musicians like alto saxophonist Threadgill, cornetists Morris and Dara, trombonist Craig Harris, sax masters Hamiet Bluiett and Steve Coleman, bassists Wilber Morris and Fred Hopkins, drummers Steve McCall and Billy Higgins, that's a good bet.