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PONE, English practice. An original writ issuing out of chancery, for the purpose of removing a plaint from an inferior court into the superior courts at Westminster. The word signifies "put;" put by gages, &c. The writ is called from the words it contained when in Latin, "Pone per vadium et salvos plegios," &c. Put by gage and safe pledges, &c. See F. N. B. 69, 70 a; Wilkinson on Replevin, Index.

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Hence her wicked parody of Sartre's nihilistic absurdism in Hazel Motes, the protagonist and cornpone discerner of le Neant in her first novel, Wise Blood.
Though Keillor's Republican-of-today is meant to be mean/funny, the idea of "peace, prosperity and decency" in the 1950s is old-guy cornpone nostalgia.
Here, he says, is a "fair-haired boy who not only professes decency but exudes it from every respectful pore," a sort of latter-day cornpone hero being taken up by the bright young things at The New York Times.
Cornpone, the founder of Li'l Abner's (1956) Dogpatch, is neatly pegged as a "latter day Duke of Plaza-Toro" (p.
May goes from feisty to prickly, and Raleigh, whose cornpone country stories no longer sell to the big magazines, feels himself diminished as a breadwinner and a man.
The group even trekked to that capital of American cornpone hokum, Branson--tellingly located in Ashcroft's home state--to croon with the Oak Ridge Boys.
Abundance of cornpone humor and folksy dialogue--"You're as nervous as a tick on Dip Day
The recent discovery of an unpublished short story by Twain has spawned a delightful little musical that wraps the author's homespun lunacy around an infectious bluegrass score and a heapin' dose of cornpone.
Cornpone," "Rag Often the Bush," "Namely You," "Unnecessary Town," "What's Good for General Bullmoose," "The Country's in the Very Best of Hands," "Sadie Hawkins Day Ballet," "Oh Happy Day," "I'm Past My Prime," "Love in a Home," "Progress Is the Root of All Evil," "Put 'Era Back," "Dearly Beloved.
Adding to the sunny slant is the inclusion not just of the immortal "A Boy Named Sue," but of various eccentric numbers that point up Cash's surprising affinity for goofy, cornpone humor, such as "Straight A's in Love," "Egg Suckin' Dog" and "Flushed From the Bathroom of Your Heart," the latter performed by Cass Morgan during the Opry seg as a Minnie Pearl homage.