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PONE, English practice. An original writ issuing out of chancery, for the purpose of removing a plaint from an inferior court into the superior courts at Westminster. The word signifies "put;" put by gages, &c. The writ is called from the words it contained when in Latin, "Pone per vadium et salvos plegios," &c. Put by gage and safe pledges, &c. See F. N. B. 69, 70 a; Wilkinson on Replevin, Index.

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In its "Professor Cornpone" oped, the Wall Street Journal suggested of Gingrich, "The Georgian has been campaigning in the tea party age as a fierce critic of spending and government, but his record on that score is, well, mixed."
As Tennessee Ernie Ford, the cornpone comic and popular basso of the 1950s, used to sing in his hit song "Sixteen Tons," "One fist of iron, the other of steel/If the right one don't a-get you, then the left one will."
In the late 1930s, with his singing partner Lefty Lou (Maxine Crissman), Guthrie held forth nightly with his "Cornpone Philosophy" on a two-hour radio broadcast on the Los Angeles station KFVD.
Twain-inspired activities include making printer's type, building a model paddlewheel boat, unmasking a hoax, inventing new words, cooking cornpone, planning a newspaper, observing people, and writing maxims.
They quickly put to rest my image of Westermann as a cornpone crank.
Parts of the poem may feel thin; I think that is built into the genre, parts of Maximus, Paterson, and The Cantos feel a little thin to me - as well as garrulous, cornpone, flowery, forced, self-indulgent, pretentious, and impenetrable.
The roadside poet was singing his own poetry, the type of cornpone rhymes about local events that are a famous, but hard to find, feature of village culture in Bangladesh.
IF I HAVE not made it clear earlier, let me say it now: Lyndon Baines Johnson was egocentric, domineering, imperious, mean, insecure, cornpone, unfaithful, crude.
Cornpone He's 37 now, although he keeps himself fit I don't think he's got many more big rugby games ahead of him.
A zany, unabashedly cornpone melodrama about a mining heiress, an unworthy suitor and the scrapes they get into, Henley's latest runs at the Studio Theatre March 11 April 19 under the direction of David Schweizer.
Even ticketbuyers with a hearty appetite for hayseed humor may be repulsed by the coarse cornpone tomfoolery of "Beer for My Horses," a '70sstyle redneck romp aimed at folks who felt intellectually challenged by the complex narrative stratagems of "The Dukes of Hazzard" and "The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo." This second second-rate star vehicle (after 2006's "Broken Bridges") for country music star Toby Keith opened in limited theatrical engagements Aug.