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Surgical treatment has been reported as a better option compared with conservative treatment in patients with severe degenerative lumbar deformities,[22],[23] the goals of which are to obtain a satisfactory balance in both sagittal and coronal planes, achieve a solid fusion, to relieve pain, and to prevent deformity progression.
7, flip angle: 90) on the axial plane, turbospin echo fat-saturated T2 w sequence (TR: 3300, TE:74, flip angle: 150) on the coronal plane, and turbospin echo T2 w sequence (TR: 6030, TE:103, flip angle: 150) on the sagittal plane.
Measurement: Finally, the data are analyzed by automatically extracting a set of measurements, including the residuum volume and profiles of its cross-sectional area and projected widths in the sagittal and coronal planes, along the vertical axis.
Now, with the advent of 3D transvaginal ultrasonography and the ability to construct a coronal plane, some IUDs, which appear to be totally normal on 2D sonography, actually show an arm that pierces the myometrium or protrudes into the cervix (FIGURES 1B, 2B, AND 3B, page 44).
The angle of femoral neck anteversion was determined by measuring the angle between the long axis of the neck of femur in horizontal plane and the transverse retrocondylar line taken as the plane of the axis of shaft of femur in coronal plane.
Consequently, 200 lines in the coronal plane (C-scan) can be obtained in 400 ms.
This revealed a normal, male 46, XY karyotype A repeat ultrasound scan at 23 weeks of gestation showed a shortened penis that was abnormally curved between the two scrotal folds in the coronal plane.
The small yet significant change in the pelvic to lower lumbar alignment in the coronal plane (0.
In the second phase at week 17, the ossified vomeral bones are regrouped in the nasal septum caudally in the midline, and they take a U shape as seen in the coronal plane.
On the other hand, 3DUS is a valuable tool for the assessment of uterine morphology because of its increased spatial awareness and the ability to visualize the coronal plane.
After obtaining static sono-anatomic views, the cervical transverse processes (hyperechoic formation with posterior acoustic dropout) were identified in the coronal plane (Figure 1A and Figure 2A).
These surfaces are then sectioned with successive planes, parallel with the coronal plane.