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The mean stone size on axial plane was 4.72[+ or -]1.55 mm and the mean stone size on coronal plane was 4.75[+ or -]1.84 mm.
In pars flaccida cholesteatoma cases, lateral attic expansion and scutum erosion were determined in the coronal plane, whereas in pars tensa perforation cases (pars tensa cholesteatomas), medial attic expansion and posterior wall flattening (smooth remodeling) were best visualized in the axial plane.
We defined the femoral coronal plane by the epicondylar axis and the lowest point of the lesser trochanter.
It was hypothesized that the NU-FlexSIV Socket technique would improve hip ROM, suspension, and comfort, without negatively affecting other movement mechanics such as coronal plane stability.
However, for score 1, we found that CBCT-PAI, more reliable scores are obtained in the coronal plane. Thus, the superiority of CBCT and CBCT-PAI scoring in the early detection of periapical lesions was demonstrated in our study.
These must be the same points as those used to define the coronal plane. The transverse plane is thus defined as containing the mediolateral axis and as perpendicular to the coronal plane.
A K-wire insertion angle of less than 10[degrees] should be avoided, as the K-wire may not maintain contact with the radial inner cortex, which will result in undercorrection in the coronal plane. Overcorrection in the coronal plane is prevented by the closely attached normally aligned ring finger and the flexibility of the inserted K-wire.
Readjustment of the cutting block in the coronal plane or a correction of the final resection plane was carried out in equal parts in the direction of varus and valgus, respectively (femur 43.1% and 56.9%, tibia 53% and 47%; Figure 4).
He used these to correct coronal plane deformities in patients with scoliosis, several of whom were victims of the polio epidemic.
The parameters used for the patients were as follows: Turbospin echo T1 and T2 weighted sequences on the axial plane, turbospin echo fat-saturated T2 weighted sequence on the coronal plane, turbospin echo T2 weighted sequence on the sagittal plane, spin echo fat-saturated T1 sequences repeated on the axial and coronal planes followed by intravenous administration of gadolinium.
First case of complete bladder duplication in the coronal plane with concomitant duplication of the urethra in an adult male.
The establishment of a craniofacial 3D coordinate system has been described in many reports [11-14]; in this study, we chose the lateral orbital rim to set the coronal plane because it could make the coordinates consistent with the clinical exophthalmos measurement.