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Postoperatively, the patient had regained active flexion to the range of 70[degrees] with passive range of 90[degrees] and coronal plane motion to the range of 20[degrees].
Much of what is known about transfemoral sockets and coronal plane stability during gait stems from theoretical work undertaken after World War II [3-4].
Lumbar range of motion in the sagittal, axial, and coronal planes from the top position to the finish: Ranges of motion were calculated in the sagittal (flex-extension), axial (rotation) and coronal (tilt) planes.
The BPPT as developed by Elvey (1979) is performed in the following sequence: gentle shoulder depression, glenohumeral abduction to 90[degrees] and external rotation in the coronal plane, forearm supination and wrist and finger extension.
Based on immediate postoperative radiographs, 3 patients had malaligument in the coronal plane (2 valgus, 1 varus) and 5 had malalignment in the sagittal plane (2 flexed, 3 extended).
To localize the activity of aromatase in the brain, we used the tritiated water assay to measure the enzyme activity separately in the homogenate of each serial section of the coronal plane of the brain.
Be sure to move the transducer from cornua to cornua and from lower segment to fundus in the coronal plane to mentally recreate a three-dimensional picture of the uterine anatomy Dr.
This will allow physicians to obtain the comprehensive 3D view of the breast volume which features U-Systems' intuitive anatomical coronal plane not available with conventional ultrasound systems.
A typical coronal plane fracture and bone fragmentation may follow, with further progression of OA changes of the carpus (Figure 3).
In conclusion, we recommend close attention be given to deformity of subtrochanteric femur fractures not only in the coronal plane but also in the sagittal plane.