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NEW YORK -- Pfizer Inc announced today that Lipitor([R]) (atorvastatin calcium) 80 mg significantly reduced the risk of major cardiovascular events, including heart attack and stroke, by 27 percent in patients with heart disease who had previous coronary bypass surgery compared with patients taking the 10 mg dose of Lipitor.
Finally, Bruce, Bruce, Hossack, and Kusumi (1983-84) studied generalized coping strategies in patients before and after coronary bypass surgeries.
Based on a study of patients who had had coronary bypass surgery, the findings are expected to alter the standard treatment of patients after heart surgery.
The Perma-Flow Coronary Bypass Graft is beginning to be marketed in the nations of the European Union by the Company's worldwide marketing partner, Baxter HealthCare Corporation, under the CE Mark the Company recently received.
marketing of the Perma-Flow Coronary Bypass Graft for patients who require coronary bypass surgery but who have inadequate blood vessels of their own for use in the surgery.
Possis Medical's three key products, the AngioJet(TM) Peripheral Thrombectomy System, Perma-Flow(R) Coronary Bypass Graft and Perma-Seal(R) Dialysis Access Graft, are in human clinical trials in the United States and in early stage sales in Europe, Japan and Canada.
Specific findings are that blacks were less likely than whites to undergo cardiac catheterization, and to receive coronary angioplasty and coronary bypass surgery.
This medication alone had not sufficiently improved the blood flow since the heart attack on the 20th, and so they decided to perform the triple coronary bypass surgery,'' Inouye said.
Emery, cardiothoracic surgeon and Director of Cardiothoracic Implantation and Mechanical Support with the Minneapolis Heart Institute in Minneapolis, serves as the principal investigator for the Perma- Flow(R) Coronary Bypass Graft; and Dr.
Now, the term also refers to a new prosthetic graft to be used in coronary bypass surgery, thanks to a cooperation between Thoratec Laboratories, which created the device, and the Russell Mark Group, which developed the name.
In response to the results of a government-sponsored study, federal health officials now recommend coronary bypass surgery rather than angioplasty for diabetics who need life-saving procedures to unclog arteries supplying blood to the heart.
He recently had a coronary bypass to help his aging heart.