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Now, using a genetic approach, researchers at the University of Leicester undertaking the study on behalf of an international consortium of scientists (the CADIoGRAM+C4D consortium) have shown that the association between shorter height and higher risk of coronary heart disease is a primary relationship and is not due to confounding factors.
A spokesman for Gateshead Council's public health team said: "This region has historically always had a high incidence of coronary heart disease, much of it attributed to lifestyle factors.
They also filled out survey information and answered personal interviews regarding their extensive medical history, including risk factors for coronary heart disease.
4 million additional life-years burdened by diabetes and 50,000 additional life-years burdened by coronary heart disease in the first decade of the 21st century.
In addition to the ACORD trial it is conducting in patients with severe coronary heart disease, the company has two FDA-authorized clinical trials in the areas of impaired wound healing seen in diabetics and in patients suffering from peripheral artery disease of the legs.
They found high levels of oxidative stress in people with coronary heart disease, previously thought to be a marker of the heart condition, could instead indicate a condition of glucose abnormality.
1 million women in the UK have coronary heart disease.
Those whose flavonone consumption (from sources such as citrus fruits) was in the top fifth of subjects had a 22% lower risk of coronary heart disease mortality compared to those who consumed the least flavonones.
NCEP-defined metabolic syndrome, diabetes, and prevalence of coronary heart disease among NHANES III participants age 50 years and older.
Among the 86,000 women in Harvard's Nurses' Health Study, those who ate at least five ounces of nuts a week were 35 percent less likely to be diagnosed with coronary heart disease than those who ate less than one ounce of nuts a month.
CORONARY heart disease kills 51,500 women each year - more than four times the number who die of breast cancer.
Coronary heart disease is what happens when this supply is blocked or interrupted.