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The de Winter T-wave ECG pattern was also shown to have positive predictive values of 95.2% (95% confidence interval: 76.2-99.9%), 100% (69.2-100.0%), and 100% (51.7-100%) for acute coronary occlusions in the three diagnostic studies [6].
Prevalence of coronary occlusion and outcome of an immediate invasive strategy in suspected acute myocardial infarction with and without ST-segment elevation.
While some of the variations observed are typical of the adrenergic stimulation seen during acute coronary occlusion, these small differences in the percent of deviation from control values were not felt to be hemodynamically destabilizing.
6 (1962) William Faulkner died from a coronary occlusion (heart attack) at Wright's Sanitarium in Byhalia, Marshall County.
History of coronary occlusion and prior myocardial infarction was common.
Interpretation of signs and symptoms of coronary occlusion should therefore consider possible contribution of this vascular channel.
Protective effect of total flavones from Elsholtzia blanda (TFEB) on myocardial ischemia induced by coronary occlusion in canines.
* OBJECTIVES To determine if an inexpensive 18-lead electrocardiogram can provide useful information in differentiating sites of coronary occlusion.
No subgroup benefited from late PCI, including higher-risk patients with a large anterior MI, an ejection fraction below 40%, or a left anterior descending coronary occlusion. Time from MI to randomization didn't affect outcome, either.
This finding agrees with a previous study carried out on a separate set of dogs which determined that exposure to CAPs enhances ischemia-induced ECG changes in a coronary occlusion model (Godleski et al.
Even a low dose of aspirin will inhibit clotting, and therefore may be helpful in preventing strokes and coronary occlusion. Remember, precisely because of its anti-clotting properties, never take aspirin before surgery.

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