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Detection of acute coronary occlusion in patients with acute coronary syndromes presenting with isolated ST-segment depression.
However, the contractile state was preserved in the DADLE group while the coronary occlusion diminished the cardiac pumping capacity of the control pigs with some hemodynamic instability.
Of the 38 subjects with RCA occlusion, 10 had coronary occlusion in the proximal part of the RCA, proximal to the right ventricular branch.
Moreover, on an in vivo model of coronary occlusion and reperfusion, infarct size was reduced in rats that ate the ACN-rich diet than in those that consumed the ACN-free diet (P < 0.
In the study, the heart muscle damage was caused by delivery of 45 minutes of reversible coronary occlusion.
The mechanisms of death include arrhythmias, impaired myocardial contractility, cardiac rupture, coronary occlusion, and obstruction to pulmonary blood flow leading to fatal haemorrhage.
Guyton said from the floor, adding that coronary occlusion, not restenosis, delivers the fatal blow and CABG protects against coronary occlusion by revascularizing the distal vessels.
In ACS, the accepted cause of acute MI is a plaque disruption, or fissuring, leading to coronary thrombosis with or without vasospasm, and thereby intermittent or persistent coronary occlusion.
The primary end-point, using pressure-derived collateral flow index during cardiac catheterization, the gold standard to assess myocardial collateral pathways, demonstrated a significant increase of collateral perfusion to regions of the myocardium distal to coronary occlusion after EECP treatment.

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