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It could be argued that the coronary occlusion and myocardial ischemia was responsible for the arrhythmias seen in our study.
ECG changes during spontaneous AMI may differ from ECG changes during PCI because controlled coronary occlusion was usually brief.
The instrumentation for coronary occlusion required performing a left thoracotomy with sterile surgical technique in an anesthetized dog, induced with pentobarbital (30 mg/kg); ventilation was maintained with room air by a Harvard pump.
This gold standard, called ischemic preconditioning,' involves brief, episodic occlusions of the blood supply to the heart for subsequent protection prior to a prolonged coronary occlusion leading to a potential lethal myocardial infarction.
He was recently hospitalized for unstable angina and underwent percutaneous transluminal coronary angioplasty with stenting of a coronary occlusion of 85% in his left anterior descending artery.
Resten-NG is effective in reducing coronary occlusion following balloon angioplasty in multiple animal models and has shown favorable data from interim analysis in a phase II human study.
The study, conducted at Emory University, used rats that were subjected to 45 minutes of coronary occlusion, followed by an injection of either the ECM Technology emulsion or a saline control into the affected myocardium and examined at three, seven, 21 and 42 days.
The goal is to limit reperfusion injury and the no-reflow phenomenon whereby damage to the coronary microvasculature interferes with blood flow to myocardial tissue despite successful relief of the coronary occlusion, said Dr.
We hypothesized that presence of fQRS on ECG may be related with poorly-grown collateral coronary circulation (CCC) in patients with chronic total coronary occlusion (CTO) without prior Ml.
In our case, we could not detect any coronary occlusion in the angiography, but we determined reverse flow in LIMA.

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