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For type A coronary malperfusion, the coronary ostium was repaired with a continuous 6-0 over-and-over suture conjoining the dissected arterial layers, leaving the ostium in continuity with the aortic wall or directly anastomosing the ostial button to the tube graft.
18) added that the more central location of the left coronary ostium is justified, because, after its origin, the left coronary artery heads to the space between the pulmonary trunk and the left auricle, branching immediately after that.
The larger disk closed the ostium of the aneurysm completely while keeping a safe distance from both the aortic valve and the right coronary ostium.
Levels of serotonin were evaluated in blood samples collected from the coronary ostium by using catheter without side holes.
As discussed in the study, this event is more prominent in the presence of a single coronary ostium giving two main coronary arteries (5).

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