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adjective bodily, corporeal, fleshy, material, not spiritual, palpable, physical, somatic, substantial, tangible
Associated concepts: corporal imbecility, corporal oath, corroral punishment
See also: bodily, corporeal, physical, tangible

CORPORAL. An epithet for anything belonging to the body, as, corporal punishment, for punishment inflicted on the person of the criminal; corporal oath, which is an oath by the party who takes it being obliged to lay his hand on the Bible.

CORPORAL, in the army. A non-commissioned officer in a battalion of infantry.

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Angustias lets her and her boyfriend go after learning that the woman is pregnant but she has to be corporally punished first.
Baudelaire brings himself corporally into the poem by identifying with the mendiante's ailing body while drawing attention to his non-robust physicality.
Since that time, the school has been guided by the Vincentian charism to honor Christ "as the source and model of all charity, serving Him corporally and spiritually in the person of the poor" (Congregation of the Mission, 2004, p.
Zwingli, be asserts, abandoned the traditional use eucharistic theology made of Christology; that is, that Christ dwells naturally and corporally in us and we in him.
Prior to reforms in the nineteenth century, laws in England and the United States gave husbands the right to "chastise," or corporally punish, their wives.
A tiered system of sex offender notification and registration purports to gauge the probability of reoffense (actuarial) and to relieve government agencies of invasive regulatory and rehabilitative techniques in favor of a seemingly more hands-off monitoring and deterrent approach (neoliberal); it also aims in its manifest purpose at preserving public health and safety rather than corporally or capitally punishing individuals (biopolitical).