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CORPORAL. An epithet for anything belonging to the body, as, corporal punishment, for punishment inflicted on the person of the criminal; corporal oath, which is an oath by the party who takes it being obliged to lay his hand on the Bible.

CORPORAL, in the army. A non-commissioned officer in a battalion of infantry.

A Law Dictionary, Adapted to the Constitution and Laws of the United States. By John Bouvier. Published 1856.
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Both Lance Corporals were pronounced dead on the Brecon Beacons, having succumbed to heat illness, while Cpl Dunsby died later in Birmingham's Queen Elizabeth Hospital.
| Lance Corporal Craig Roberts, |Lance Corporal Edward Maher and Corporal James Dunsby
The corporals have been trained on the basis of modern techniques, knowledge and practical skills which are needed to eliminate terrorism in a real sense.
The Counter Terrorism Force has been raised in CTD with the induction of 1182 corporals and they have been divided into three batches from which the first batch has completed its training, the second one is undertaking its Special Training Program while the third batch is also on the way.
Corporal Day, who served with 3 Medical Regiment, is the third British servicewoman to die in the 10-year conflict.
Corporal David O'Connor, 27, of 40 Commando, was also killed in the incident in Helmand province.
Corporal Dan Ginty, 26, ofWelwyn Garden City, Hertfordshire, Corporal James "Jimmy" Luton, 24, of Belvedere, Kent, and driver Lieutenant Corporal Chris Beckett, 25, ofTelford, were all based at Cawdor Barracks, Brawdy, with the 14th Signal Regiment (Electronic Warfare).
Corporal Ginty and Lieutenant Corporal Beckett were said to have died from brain injuries, while Corporal Luton died from a spinal cord injury.
Corporal Daniel Kenyon, 33, of Morpeth, Northumberland, and Lance Corporal Mark Cooley, 25, of Throckley, Newcastle, have denied charges of abusing Iraqi prisoners at Camp Bread Basket in Basra in 2003.
Last night, the court martial in Osnabruck, Germany, heard evidence from former Lance Corporal David Coxon, who denied being among a gang of jeering soldiers who witnessed two captured Iraqis being forced to simulate sex.
Major Alistair Field, Officer * Commanding C Company 2 RIFLES: "I met Corporal Horne later than most, but his reputation went before him: Highly competent, professional and caring, but tough with a wicked Brummie sense of humour.
Major Gabrielle McAvock, prosecuting, told the hearing corporals Craig Smith, 29, and Solomon McWilliams, 27, were training the recruits at an Army Training College in Winchester, Hampshire, last July.