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Pertaining to or possessing the qualities of a corporation, a legal entity created—pursuant to state law—to serve the purposes set out in its certificate of incorporation.

A corporate officer is an individual who is charged with the management of a corporation by virtue of a position as its president, vice president, treasurer, or secretary.

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The unsecured corporate bond loan of SEK325m was issued by the company in November 2017 with a floating interest rate of STIBOR 3m +4.50%.
'Issuances of LCY corporate bonds in the fourth quarter totaled P130.9 billion, increasing more than 150 percent from the previous quarter.
Corporate bonds, once used widely by companies to raise funds for expansion, have fallen out of favour following defaults running into billions of shillings by issuers such as Chase and Imperial banks.
In connection with the Reorganization, stockholders of the Fund will receive newly issued Class I shares of MSIFT Corporate Bond with a value equal to the aggregate net asset value of their common shares of the Fund on the valuation date, which is expected to be the close of business on or about June 1, 2018.
The history of equity and corporate bond markets, therefore, suggest that valuations are not yet a constraint on generating returns.
He expects the new ETF will hold more than three times the number of issues as iShares Investment Grade Corporate Bond (LQD), which focuses on only the most liquid bonds.
The company completed a test today, working alongside Landesbank Baden-Wurttemberg, a Germany-based state-backed wholesale banks group, to create a testbed for issuing the one-year corporate bond known as a Schuldschein.
Moving forward, RAM anticipates the corporate bond market to chart a steady course through the rest of 2016.
If the global situation worsens further, the domestic corporate bond market will also feel some tremors, impacting the returns to investors in MFs and insurers.
These changes, the report notes, lowered liquidity of the insurers' corporate bond portfolio.
M&M Financial was founded in 2006, and has established a name in domestic and international real estate development, financial consultation, project financing, project planning, research and development, and the issuing of corporate bond portfolios.
Credit risk analysis of corporate bond is a multi-factor and multi-indicator complicated evaluation process, among which lots of indicators have dynamics, fuzziness, subjectivity and intermediate transitivity, resulting in a difficult application of transitional evaluation method.

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