corporate interest

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While acknowledging that this process is inexact, the Internal Revenue Service has set out eight factors that should be carefully considered in determining the value of any closely held corporate interest.
THE growing corporate interest in marketing rapper Snoop Dogg by companies like T-Mobil and children's toy manufacturers reveals America's grossly mutated social conscience.
The rupee today is only convertible for specific current account purposes like trade related expenses, corporate interest payments on overseas debt, and business travel.
Although he points out that the ratio of corporate debt to liquid assets has been fairly constant throughout the 1980s, he omits a more compelling statistic: The ratio of corporate interest payments to cash flow rose 43 percent between 1976 and 1986, from 14 percent to 20 percent.
Recent Aberdeen research shows corporate interest in retention management and succession planning is growing.
It's an issue about how many amicus briefs where we don't have a direct corporate interest do we want to get involved in.
In response to China's growing corporate interest in online booking, American Express Business Travel today announced the launch of a new corporate online solution - the first solution designed specifically to address the unique needs of the Chinese market.
I really think that our play to the fact that she is beholden to the downtown corporate interest - I think that issue has really come through loud and clear.
With GenomeQuest, IP bioanalysts and scientists have a common tool to scan for and communicate results concerning biological function, freedom-to-operate rights, and patentability for sequences of corporate interest.
For the past four years he and Drummond have been the ringleaders of a circus pitched by Emanuel Hudson and UCLA coach John Smith with an eye toward drawing more attention to track and more corporate interest in its stars.
There is a lot of private interest and corporate interest in getting there,'' said John Spencer, founder and president of the Los Angeles-based Space Tourism Society, which is promoting its vision of cruises, hotels and amusement parks in space.
Additionally, the net result of these actions will result in lower corporate interest expenses and virtually no change in adjusted financial leverage, based on Fitch's view of 'equity-credit' related to trust preferred securities.

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