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Possessing a physical nature; having an objective, tangible existence; being capable of perception by touch and sight.

Under Common Law, corporeal hereditaments are physical objects encompassed in land, including the land itself and any tangible object on it, that can be inherited.

Corporeal is the opposite of incorporeal, that which exists but is incapable of physical manifestation, as in the right to bring a lawsuit.

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having a physical body, tangible.
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This body wonders what would happen if every body (not just woman's body), when allowed to inhabit the 'scene of writing' (Kirby 1997: 56), to tell stories, to speak, was able to enact a form of narrative and civil disobedience; an unerasing of the corporeal from text?
Reyes begins his first chapter, "Splatterpunk," with an historical overview of the sub-genre's roots and with a discussion of the guiding ethos of splatterpunk literature and cinema: the objective "to shock, generally through displays of corporeal transgression encompassing anything from extreme mutilation and transformation to mutation or severe body modification and graphic sex" (28).
Unlike corporeal feminist theorists such as Grosz, Kirby, and Braidotti, Butler supports the radical social constructivism, focusing on the discursive production of the material body that is sexed.
Given his views on active and passive forces, 'all of the activity of a corporeal substance derives from its own internal states', and therefore 'there is no genuine causal communication between substances' (175).
Part 3, "Corporeal Mediations: Visualizing the Body as Private and Public Space," includes: Sima Godfrey, "Moving through Fashion in Ninteenth-Century France" (143-56); Kathryn Brown, "Reading Bodies: Female Secrecy and Sexuality in the Works of Renoir and Degas" (157-68); Rainer Rumold, "Corporeal Topographies of the Image Zone: From Oskar Kokoschka's Murder of Metaphor to Georges Bataille's acephale" (169-84); Beth Pentney, "Somatechnics and Makeover Reality TV: "The Symbiotic Viewer/ Participant Relationship" (185-202).
If the adult submits to the growing up period of adulthood (which I think college should be used for), then he and she will balance this "corporeal," externally influenced learning with its contrast, with imaginative, internally (verbally) influenced learning events.
Extra corporeal membrane oxygenation helps patients whose lungs or heart are not working normally and uses an artificial lung to oxygenate blood outside the body.
Patients and Methods: All patients who had renal calculi up to 2.5cm in size were selected for extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy with Dornier MPL 9000 on the basis of clinical examination, laboratory investigations, X-Ray, intravenous urography and ultrasonography.
This makes the viewer aware of the difference between the corporeal reality and the representation of the painting.
use fragments of Chinese guqin music as stimuli in an experiment that measures and compares music-driven corporeal articulations.
Before Olds recounts the end of her mother's life and battle with cancer, she covers some other pretty intense subjects, such as corporeal punishment while menstruating, abortions in the era of George Bush and her mother's own personal lonesome, abusive and puritanical history.