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Possessing a physical nature; having an objective, tangible existence; being capable of perception by touch and sight.

Under Common Law, corporeal hereditaments are physical objects encompassed in land, including the land itself and any tangible object on it, that can be inherited.

Corporeal is the opposite of incorporeal, that which exists but is incapable of physical manifestation, as in the right to bring a lawsuit.


adjective actual, appreciable, bodily, bona fide, certain, concrete, corporal, definite, embodied, existent, firm, fleshly, having substance, in existence, incarnate, material, palpable, physical, real, solid, substantial, substantive, tangible, temporal, unspiritual
Associated concepts: corporeal hereditaments
Foreign phrases: Haereditas, alia corporalis, alia incorpooalis; corporalis est, quae tangi potest et videri; incorpooalis quae tangi non potest nec videri.An inheritance is either corporeal or incorporeal; corporeal is that which can be touched and seen; incorporeal, that which can neither be touched nor seen.
See also: bodily, corporal, material, mundane, objective, physical, tangible


having a physical body, tangible.
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What is important to note is that Carter, Butler and corporeal feminist scholars reveal the process of the formation of gendered corporeality.
While in the metaphysics of the middle years 'what is foundational are corporeal substances, unities of soul, and organic body' (345), here Garber explores the introduction of mind-like substances, i.
If students in college submit to the growing up stage of adulthood, they will see that the process by which they constructed this imaginative vision of things--this imaginative corporeal understanding--has been outlined by Northrop Frye in Fearful Symmetry.
The invention of Extra corporeal shock wave lithotripsy technique was introduced in 19804, and since then many studies have labeled this method now as the primary modality for renal calculi, and many authors call it a safe procedure with neither damage to kidney or soft tissue organ nor generates expulsion5.
Cooper occasionally fails to distinguish in sufficient detail the corporeal differences of some anthropological stages.
It asks for corporeal authentication by appropriate actions of faith and hope (Col 3:1-17; Rom 13:11-14; Gal 5:22-26).
That is to say, the Divine Effusion (al-fayd al-ilahi) initiates its descent in the Divine Heaven to the treasures and the invincible world (jabarut), continuing to the isthmus and the world of measures, and from there, manifesting itself finally in nature and the corporeal world.
By embodying religious behavior, even in a limited way and with secular intentions, significant corporeal insights can be gained into the practices and ethos of a religious system being studied, i.
on the symbolic transference of unwanted corporeal associations to the bodies of Native Americans" and follows with a chapter on Whitman which delineates how his initial "trust in the body" gives way to "envisioning a race of North Americans that is predominantly masculine and Caucasian" (9, 10).
Her parents , Rob and Helen, were told to say goodbye, but then surgeons at Newcastle's Freeman Hospital decided to carry one of the world's first Extra Corporeal Membrane Oxygenation procedures on the teenager.
Though Coleman insists upon Ellison's centrality in the formation of a neo-black postmodernist aesthetic, he still maintains that the author's somewhat Panglossian valorization of American democracy is suspect, given the material and corporeal realities black men face in the age of Rodney King, James Byrd, and Abner Louima.
With mainstream media focused on today's more corporeal threats--exploding bombs, anthrax scares, the economy--online town criers have highlighted less tangible dangers, such as infringement of Constitutional rights.