corporeal body

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And Hannibal, snarling, growling, and spitting, ducking his head and with short paw-strokes trying to ward off the insistent broomstick, backed obediently into the corner, crumpled up his hind-parts, and tried to withdraw his corporeal body within itself in a pain-urged effort to make it smaller.
We all looked on with horrified amazement as we saw, when he stood back, the woman, with a corporeal body as real at that moment as our own, pass through the interstice where scarce a knife blade could have gone.
But O'Connell seems closer to the truth when he compares it to the Gnosticism of early Christianity, specifically that tradition's contempt for the corporeal body as the earthly source of evil.
Confronted with the divergence of form and fragmentation and a growing feeling of human inadequacy, modernist writers explore "alternative models of perception," in an attempt to reconcile authentic representations of the corporeal body with the loss of faith in the category of experience.
The internal corporeal body may take the form of the soul, a form of consciousness.
Glans innervation is provided by multiple perforating branches entering at the dorsal junction of the corporeal body and glans.
However, as mentioned above, feminist corporeal theory underlines the view that the fleshy material body already exists, that is, the corporeal body has an ontological status constructed by discursive norms.
My belief system tells me that reincarnation in a physical body is necessary until all of the lessons a corporeal body requires are learned.
Although I'm glad that the soul of AA&B will remain intact, I am a little sorry about the demise of its corporeal body.
Space" then transcends its literal boundaries to move into the metaphorical and symbolic levels where in the female corporeal body is perceived as the primary site of sexually different practices and as a centre for multifarious modes of power-plays, as endorsed by thinkers like Elizabeth Gross, Moira Gaitens etc.
The study of the body is in two parts: the first is the corporeal body, the second the collective social body of which the individual is but a small part.
He saw in these figures a kind of "postural distortion," affirming his notion that "This is not about flesh and the corporeal body.