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When I read case file CONS 3472, Item 10, I can sense the corporeality of Mary Summerland, just as I sense all the people in her case file--and colonial Fremantle itself--saturating the document.
The rhythms, energies, pressures, concreteness, music and mysticism of White's prose may all be linked to his treatment of corporeality in language.
The first section has three articles: Flore Chevaillier discusses erotics and corporeality in the work of Theresa Hak and Kyung Cha based on Helene Cixous's thought, Liamar Duran Almarzan analyzes the work of Josefina Baez, and Johannes Goransson analyzes Aase Berg's poetry.
This means that the corporeality of the Easter event, variously rendered by the empty tomb and appearance narratives, is central to its meaning and not at all an incidental feature to be stripped away and disposed of by a demythologizing program that might cite our post-Copernican context as its motivation.
Canetti's assessment of discourse as annihilation of corporeality (160), as in Foucault (164), allows for the discussion about authoritarian and anarchic power.
Subjects addressed include nostalgia and its relationship to media in film (sound recordings, television), corporeality and music in cinematic emotion.
Never before has an exhibition so profoundly changed the public's perspective of its own corporeality as Dr.
As demonstrated in the scintillating collection of essays Dante and the Human Body, the ferment of corporeality with spiritual devotion forms a complex somatic semiotics, central to medieval literature and to the canonical Commedia of Dante Alighieri.
The wide-ranging contributions deal with a multitude of important themes: spirituality and rock art (Layton), figurative anonymity and identity (Svoboda), the 'making' of Palaeolithic handprints (Morley), animal corporeality (Boric), meaning-construction (Joyce), absence and disembodiment (Bailey), and the aggrandisement of power (Renfrew).
But this collapse doesn't mean that corporeality is an implausible mixture of mind and body.
addresses issues which are often overlooked by Friel scholars: those of gender and, following Judith Butler, the performativity of identity and the rebelliousness of female corporeality.
Both light and heavy, full of poetry and corporeality, Fekry's images of the body, whether they be human or animal, seem to move so close to the flesh as to transcend it entirely.