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In this regard, Angela Carter breaks down the ontological stability of corporeality in the novel by emphasising corporeal performativity and gender fluidity.
Going against this school of thought, which defines the educational relevance of corporeality in terms of the meaning-generating capacities of the body, I defend an idea of body-centred pedagogy which is interested in the body as far as it has nothing to do with signification, expression of meaning or intentionality.
Christopher Innes (University of Toronto) focused primarily on corporeality and the subversive ethics of performance in the comic characterisations offered by celebrated actor Mark Rylance in his roles of Byron in Jerusalem (2009) by Jez Butterworth and Valere in La bete (1999) by David Hirson.
If the studies on the bimodal neurons emphasize the role of corporeality as precondition of learning, the discoveries about the mirror neurons (Rizzolatti and Sinigaglia 2006, located in the premotor and parietal cortex reveal, however, the neural mechanisms of sociability and empathy.
Rather than accept the unitary designation of the subject in the 'age of man', if we delve into the prehistory of geologic life, a reading of corporeality that is inflected with the differentiating forces of geologic life can be substantiated to refute such an undifferentiated colonising view.
What I missed in this otherwise cogent and convincing argument on the fundamental corporeality of the period's thought about politics, rhetoric, and theater was a slightly bigger picture--one that would allow us to understand how such thought would (or would not) become modern aesthetics.
Again the analogy with biopolitics is revealing: "naked corporeality, like naked life, is only the obscure and impalpable bearer of guilt.
Morgan called "visible saints" Indeed, Separatists in old and new England perceived corporeality as both more important and less dangerous than previous studies have allowed, which Martha L.
Photography has long been entranced and compromised by the corporeality and enclosure of motion.
Dufrenne detects a fundamental correlation between temporal self-awareness and corporeality.
From the moment that the dancers began interpreting them gesturally--each in a highly individual, exploratory mode--I came to realize how these works, ostensibly about what is "out there," were inherently about corporeality.
This fulcrum, this support or hinge on which my being's meaning turns as I experience my hunger is my body, corporeality as agent, site, and infrastructure of a cogito where intellect and affect collapse into one and so fashion me as an entity, carve out my identity.