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The American stage has been quick to mine the possibilities of this heritage and to enrichit with its own variations and inventions, As resourceful as they are versatile, transgressive Jews play a vast repertoire of roles: they corporealize and distance the forbidden, they demonstrate the inadvisability of wrong-headed thinking, they represent the potentially subversive.
Animals like Frost's and Faulkner's bucks both dwell in and corporealize a zone of possibility between natural referent and material signifier, artist and object, writer and reader, hovering or swimming or pacing visibly on the brink of a perpetually deferred transcendence.
Without condescending to his audience, McDonald explains signified/signifier, points our the importance of puns with an example from Othello, and borrows from Sigurd Burckhardt to note that poetic properties such as puns are especially valuable for their power to corporealize language.
Borrowed Time's brilliance is in its ability to corporealize this anger onto the body of the lover, Roger.
The performative value of Alice Guy's La Vie du Christ is not only important because of its ability to corporealize Jesus Christ but, I would argue, it is one of the few times that the life of Christ is infused with the life of women and children as spectators, actors, and performers of the spectacle itself, as angels or as common women.
The physical paradox corporealizes the subject's inability to identify as a subject.
Like replaying memories of disaster in order to assimilate the "unassimilated" event, the episodic malfunction of Eggers' sexual encounters corporealizes circuits of traumatized renewal and collapse.
As a site of hyperbolic extroversion that corporealizes fantasized/disappointed cycles of curative release, Eggers' itinerant body renarrativizes post-traumatic survival as the pulsing desire for involuntary continuity with himself, in the present.
It might be said that the Cowboy corporealizes not the corrupt or sadistic side of the film industry, but, rather, the purely bureaucratic, technological, institutional aspect of Hollywood, the inexorable power of the fantasy machine.
Metaphorically speaking, God as Spirit corporealizes Godself through her interanimation of the biosphere.
And first of all, with each other: Collaborative work both corporealizes and depersonalizes the critical gaze.