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The physical paradox corporealizes the subject's inability to identify as a subject.
section] 213 constructs, corporealizes, and dismembers families); Nancy J.
Like replaying memories of disaster in order to assimilate the "unassimilated" event, the episodic malfunction of Eggers' sexual encounters corporealizes circuits of traumatized renewal and collapse.
As a site of hyperbolic extroversion that corporealizes fantasized/disappointed cycles of curative release, Eggers' itinerant body renarrativizes post-traumatic survival as the pulsing desire for involuntary continuity with himself, in the present.
9) Dance thus corporealizes the space outside the body, inducing energetic transformation that, for the Yoruba, produces actual change in their daily lives.
It might be said that the Cowboy corporealizes not the corrupt or sadistic side of the film industry, but, rather, the purely bureaucratic, technological, institutional aspect of Hollywood, the inexorable power of the fantasy machine.
Metaphorically speaking, God as Spirit corporealizes Godself through her interanimation of the biosphere.
Just as the South is "low-other" to Stowe's North, Young argues, so "Topsy corporealizes white female rebellion pushed 'downward' through psychic repression, racial differentiation, and geographic displacement.
And first of all, with each other: Collaborative work both corporealizes and depersonalizes the critical gaze.
More broadly, by literalizing and spatializing "that emptiness there," by casting it as a dimension of physical and emotional existence rather than as an ineluctable metaphysical condition, Woolf corporealizes the spaces rendered empty by patriarchal culture and thought.
Despite his temporary ignorance, Truman thus corporealizes Foucault's panoptic object in a fusion with Debord's spectacle that suggests nuances of each theorist's formulations that we might otherwise not notice, such as the potentiality for an unwitting spectacle and for an uninformed performer/prisoner.