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Cultural representations of the body have been delineated according to a model for the human subject as male, white, heterosexual, middle class, leading to descriptions of corporeity rotating around a binary framework, an either/or condition, encoding distinctions of gender, race and class: male/female, white/black, heterosexual/homosexual, middle class/working class etc.
Being corporeity the central theme -and art a mediated expression of the body -the book could also have been called The visibility of the body.
Corporeity and affectivity; dedicated to Maurice Merleau-Ponty.
It shows the relationship between corporeity, thought and action within the educational context, arguing the need to invest in physical activities to facilitate the transfer.
This mixture of seeing and perceiving the world through experiences in corporeity is what Merleau-Ponty was pointing to.
On the other hand, the corporeity of he verb relates to what Gass describes as an "iron law of composition" that consists in "[.
In particular, he discusses Robert Grosseteste (1175-1253) whose cosmology views light as the source of every corporeity in nature, and Dante Alighieri (1265-1321) who described the natural properties of light.
Yet Heidegger goes further in emphasizing that man's corporeity is not a privileged starting-point of spatializing.
To some extent, our preoccupation with representation can also be seen to be a defence against the limitations of our corporeity.
The campus, as the embodiment and material reality of the university, will turn out to be the first lesson that a student receives, for it will be a <<three dimensional textbook>> with an architectural corporeity.
Or must I not rather be certain that, if I am able to sway a distant body, it is by means of some unseen lever--that volition is employing something that is equivalent to a body--something, which may be likened to an extended corporeity, which has become the organ of my will?
The paper presents an assessment of the empirical studies and academic essays conducted in Peru on corporeity.