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18) This amounts to asking the question of the intention that lies at the heart of nature and therefore lies at the "heart" of our corporeity.
In a way, WenDo trainers implicitly utilize Crossley's compromise approach, merging Bourdieu's "structured structures" and "structuring structures" (1977: 82) of Polish body culture, as well as WenDo's unique body culture, with a more personalized, experiential view of self-defense participants' corporeity.
Body, Community, Language, World (39) can be read as an extended meditation on the "profound truth" (17) that can be learned from subjective corporeity (or what I am calling sentient/ sensitive motility), which is "not a thing," but is always "a moment of a situation in which we are" (27).
But here the 'bone' is meant literally as the soul-substance which is mediated by the singular source of the Yagwoia men's corporeity, the nose-piercing bones owned by several latice responsible for the nose-piercing operation.
According to the Commission, there have been four principal moments in Christian history when the immortality of the soul was denied: (1) certain 2d-century Christians, under the influence of Gnosticism, held that the resurrection is only a mere survival of the soul endowed with a kind of corporeity.
While in his earlier works Husserl still spoke of hyletic data as given, in Ideen II and in Krisis this view is undercut by the functioning of corporeity (Husserl 1950); the latter belongs to the passive side of transcendental subjectivity, yet in such a way that it transgresses the factual and the essential while founding in its generality both.
Infinity already appears when we consider the material character of those beings which, by virtue of their corporeity, are closest to nonbeing.
In the development of spirit from natural soul to consciousness proper, every stage in the externalization of the soul--its taking possession of corporeality, its positing and taking possession of the external world, and so on--also represents a phase of spirit's inwardization, that is, the progressive transformation of its in-itself into for-itself, or of its corporeity into subjectivity.
MICHAEL SANDERS, "The Ethical Instant: Continuity, Corporeity, and the Ground of Ethics.
All such determinate quantities are accidents of my body: "Quantitative dimensions are accidents consequent upon corporeity.
67) "In this identity of interior and exterior, the latter subject to the former, the soul is actual: in its corporeity it has its free shape, in which it feels itself and makes itself felt" (Enc III, [section] 411; compare Enc I, [subsection] 216, 218).
00--Idealism and Corporeity is James Dodd's doctoral thesis.