corps of employees

See: personnel
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13, 2014 /PRNewswire/ -- A passionate, empowered corps of employees, equipped with the right tools and training, is more likely to inspire co-workers to embrace company initiatives than if the same messages were delivered only by executives.
Given this rapid shift in trends in favour of international corps of employees, companies are going to have to find talent management solutions that are adept at handling the demands of a global workforce.
Motivating your corps of employees into a state of fevered excitement about the North llama-breeding business is a stiff challenge, but not an impossible one.
In an environment where customer service is the name of the game, a well trained, enthusiastic, and loyal corps of employees is a company's best asset.
Brady Corporation has achieved growth through outstanding execution, a great corps of employees and innovative products.
Eric's dynamic, personable management style is reflected in his ability to achieve buy-in from a loyal corps of employees.
While large companies employ corps of employees to direct and monitor their Web site activities, smaller companies must rely on their more limited resources.
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