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Religious discourse in Victorian England, reflected in literature of the time, thus echoes broader social discourse that designates gluttony and corpulence as negative characteristics.
Dans ces publications, certaines n'hesitent pas a mettre de l'avant leur corpulence et enregistrent de nombreux commentaires positifs.
La premiere mesure de prevention reste la mesure annuelle de la taille et du poids de l'enfant pour suivre la courbe de corpulence et reperer ainsi les enfants a risque.
Now we'd like to welcome member 4224, who wants to tell us about his long-gone relatives and their chance to meet President Taft, who as you all know, had a huge bathtub installed in the White House to accommodate his corpulence.
The traditional chair is a non moving product, and a living person sitting on a non moving chair brings by this theory corpulence and "death.
This type of exercise was advocated for corpulence but also, less predictably, as a treatment for gout and forms of diabetes.
20) Garuda's corpulence is as abnormal as Dasacharya, who is "bony as a sick cow" (4).
After exploring diverse representations of female corpulence as metaphor and literary trope in literary texts, to conclude, Atayurt selects an autobiographical text, Fat Girl: A True Story, to expose the limits of "extra-textual representation, the tensions arising from the unlivability" of Moore's life, in which Atayurt maintains "fat" reveals an "idiosyncratic identity" with "specific appetites, a specific story, about a specific family" (169).
But you are held back by the shortness of the day, the length of the road, and your own corpulence.
Neal argues that Vandross's corpulence "became a visual stand-in for the pathological excesses of the Chitlin' Circuit and segregation" (p.
Since William Banting self-published his Letter on Corpulence [1] in 1862, describing how William Harvey [2] had cured Banting's life-long obesity through the avoidance of starchy foods, there has been interest in the low-carbohydrate, high-fat (LCHF) diet for the treatment of obesity.
This thing, which seemed instinct with a fearsome and unnatural malignancy, was of a somewhat bloated corpulence, and squatted evilly on a rectangular block or pedestal covered with undecipherable characters.