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gt; pelvic misalignment causing spinal problem and corpulence of lower body
On Corpulence in Relation to Disease: With Some Remarks on Diet (1872).
They had come to a place where, despite their age and corpulence, they felt themselves desirable; but ultimately, they discover, not even the money they so liberally spread can make them attractive, let alone buy them love.
I have the delusional conviction of all overweight men that simply wearing black will magically remove inches from my corpulence.
It is food for thought about how we might support people psychologically as they strive to adopt healthy eating habits, regardless of their current corpulence," she noted.
What if we found, upon closer examination, that the public is haunted by the horror of corpulence because of something other than an altruistic concern with the well-being of other citizens?
explores mbopo, a women's ritual among the Ibibio people of southeast Nigeria that involves ceremonial seclusion, corpulence, and ornamental extravagance as principal components in female identity construction.
The mundane circumstances (vapors, food vats, garden undergrowth) and the unflattering appearances (sweat, hairy legs, corpulence, the somewhat feminine back of the cook) stand in visual contrast to the aesthetic appeal of the blooming magnolias and the purple ink of Toma's letter--a detail recalling the penpal letters from her school days, an even earlier point in time.
His jolly corpulence and his Halloween novelty claw transformed him into a Falstaff sporting a spoof medal, part roly-poly pudding and part joke shop.
Il faut qu'il perde cette corpulence, et le voyage, s'il s'y soumet, s'en chargera pour lui.
2) Since it has become "normal" to carry excess body fat, we understand why so many are in a state of denial regarding their corpulence.