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Separately, AF denied reports that it is planning to introduce the compulsory purchase of an additional economy class seat for overweight passengers, saying it "has no intention of making corpulent passengers pay for a second seat.
Every team wins its own feed, no matter how much grunting and groaning is done by the corpulent creatures whose misfortune it is never to run or pass, but to spend their entire sporting careers lifting, shoving, grappling and flopping with each other, in an utterly pointless ritual which has nothing to do with the great, athletic game of rugby.
There is no point of view from which a realty corpulent pig is not full of sumptuous and satisfying curves.
Rangers' home, away and third strips are available in the monster size, while corpulent Caley Thistle fans can buy both their team's kits.
The evidence so far points to the latter, suggesting that the top management team is finally prodding a lazy and corpulent bureaucracy to improve operations and service.
You may not be surprised to hear that this corpulent Corinthian was starring on the video-hosting website YouTube.
The London years were dominated by portraits of real people--preening German merchants, swell amidst the tokens of their prosperity; courtiers, cunning and close; the monarch himself, corpulent, unfathomable; his luckless wives--a long series of jobs that seemingly afforded little room for artistic maneuvering.
In the EU judges' view, whilst the term mobilix may readily be perceived as referring to something mobile or to mobility, the term obelix, even if the name has been registered as a national word mark, will readily be identified by the average member of the public with the corpulent character from the comic strip series, widely known throughout the European Union.
On the air Jan began teasing her husband (who apparently decided to battle the gay rumors by draping his corpulent frame in hideous ultra-gay Versace knockoffs).
In Alan Singer's fourth novel, Dirtmouth, an anonymous investigator listens to the self-serving testimonies of Kraft Dundeed, a corpulent and abrasive archeologist, and Roscoe Taste, his former disciple.
The saturated colours of the garments worn by the rather corpulent figures in de Hooch's painting suggest that this was one of his later works.
Feminist thinking can find patriarchal structures in corpulent maleness.