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Aston Villa have designed a XXXXXXL shirt for more corpulent fans.
Kim was absent from anniversary celebrations for the ruling party, and earlier videos show the corpulent young adult walking with difficulty; state media reported he is suffering from "discomfort.
Poor Gromit has grown into a corpulent canine after becoming addicted to cheese, and Paul immediately sets to work curing him.
1 Refined, polite, well-spoken women (6); 2 Corpulent (3); 3 Pair (3).
I can think of no other job were such widespread assaults take place and abuse with corpulent management not lifting one finger to support staff whatsoever, being more interested in the dust which is found behind television monitors or under the flooring.
99) biographer Matthew Dennison has written an elegant and revealing assessment of Britain''s longest-reigning monarch Undeterred by her Lilliputian height - about 4ft 11in - the increasingly corpulent queen was always opinionated and assertive and had a fierce temper.
When the time came for his release, he couldn't fit his corpulent self into his pre-prison pants
The knife's corpulent, yet comfortable handle features a deep finger choil, hearty textured G10 scales, and a skull-buster base with lanyard hole.
n Craig agreed that it wasn't Audley's "finest hour", adding: "I don't actually mean to be awful, but it was leaden, it was heavy, it was laboured, it was corpulent.
Richard Studer directs wittily on his own tree-dominated set, and there are some tremendous performances, including Simon Thorpe as the proudly corpulent Falstaff, Gaynor Keeble once again portraying a sassy Mistress Quickly, and, the star for me, Stephanie Lewis sensationally vibrant as the usually pallid Meg Page.
99) THE author's debut novel is a satirical stab at the country's corpulent commercialism.
Pie's advocacy for produce and against meat and dairy should make it a lightning rod for the politically corpulent processed-food industry.