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3%) with mean age 14 years involving the cervical cord and cerebellum, corpus callosum and basal ganglia.
Morphometric assessment of corpus callosum and cerebral hemispheres with magnetic resonance imaging.
Caption: Figure 4: Axial T2W image showing hyperintensities in deep white matter of bilateral fronto-temporo-parieto-occipital lobes and corpus callosum.
The group with the dominant involvement of subcortical white matter showed higher percentages of corpus callosum, basal ganglia, thalamus, and dorsal brain stem involvement than the group with the involvement of periventricular white matter.
A serious complication and cause of postoperative death is injury to vessels close to the corpus callosum, as the veins and pericallosal and calloso marginal arteries.
Diffuse cerebral hypomyelination with cerebellar atrophy and hypoplasia of corpus callosum.
The corpus callosum happens to be especially rich in cannabinoid receptors, proteins that trigger biochemical effects in response to cannabis.
This diet leads to selective oligodendrocyte death followed by demyelination of axons mainly in the corpus callosum.
Postmortem examinations demonstrated an arachnoid cyst, corpus callosum agenesis and left diaphragmatic hernia.
What playing musical instruments does that other activities don't is strengthen the corpus callosum that links the hemispheres of the brain by creating new connections.
Cranial magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) revealed atrophy of the brain stem, pontine punctate hyperintensities on T2 weighted images, also bilateral T2 hyperintensities in centrum semiovale, and corpus callosum.