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[Latin, Body, aggregate, or mass.]

Corpus might be used to mean a human body, or a body or group of laws. The term is used often in Civil Law to denote a substantial or positive fact, as opposed to one that is ambiguous. The corpus of a trust is the sum of money or property that is set aside to produce income for a named beneficiary. In the law of estates, the corpus of an estate is the amount of property left when an individual dies. Corpus juris means a body of law or a body of the law. Corpus Juris Secundum (C.J.S.®) is an all-inclusive, multivolume legal encyclopedia.


n. 1) Latin for body. 2) the principal (usually money, securities, and other assets) of a trust or estate as distinguished from interest or profits.


noun aggregate, aggregation, amassment, assemblage, body, bulk, chief part, collection, collectivity, compages, compilation, complexus, concentration, concretion, confluence, conglomerate, core, cornerstone, corporality, corporeity, cumulation, embodiment, ensemble, essence, fullness, grand total, gross amount, grouping, import, importance, inclusiveness, integrality, integration, keynote, legal body, legal entity, main body, main part, major part, mass, materiality, materialization, matter, pith, plenum, principal, principle, quantity, quintessence, res, signification, solid substance, solidarity, structure, substance, substantiality, sum, sum and substance, sum total, summation, total, totality, weight, whole, wholeness
Associated concepts: corpus delicti, corpus juris, corpus of a trust
See also: body, bulk, cornerstone, corpse, entity, person, substance

CORPUS. A Latin word, which signifies body; as, corpus delicti, the body of the offence, the essence of the crime; corpus juris canonis, the body of the canon law; corpus juris civilis, the body of the Civil law.

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Through the guanylate cyclase system and through cyclic guanosine monophosphate (cGMP), nitric oxide produces an efflux of calcium from the cell, which then causes relaxation of the corpus cavernosum smooth muscle (Figure 2).
Some pre and postjunctional effects of castration in rabbit isolated corpus cavernosum and urethra.
When the nerves are stimulated," says Ignarro, "relaxation of the corpus cavernosum occurs quickly.
Documentation of tumor in relation to surrounding anatomic structures (such as corpus spongiosum, corpus cavernosum, prostate, periurethral muscle, vagina, and bladder) is critical to proper staging.
The failure of penile erection may be due to impaired relaxation of the smooth muscle of the corpus cavernosum and several studies indicate that the relaxation is mediated by nitric oxide (NO) released from nonadrenergic-noncholinergic nerves and from the sinusoidal epithelium (Holmquist et al.
Although the mechanism its not fully understood, there is increasing evidence that nitric oxide is a mediator of the relaxation in the corpus cavernosum (Anderson et al.
However, it is well-known that most patients have a small unilateral tear of the corpus cavernosum.
In the study, researchers injected herpes simplex virus vectors that deliver neurotrophic factors, factors that facilitate the recovery of injured nerves, into the corpus cavernosum or cavernous nerve of rats at the time of cryo-injury to the cavernous nerve.
After evacuating a large hematoma, we found a significant defect in the ventral side of the left corpus cavernosum (Fig.
Corpus cavernosum showing increased collagen (elastic trichrome stain, original magnification 40x).
Available by prescription only, Caverject is administered via a small, thin needle injected into an area along the shaft of the penis known as the corpus cavernosum.
At surgery time, in both cases, urethral disruption was seen and end-to-end urethral anastomosis with 3-0 vicryl suture was performed with synchronous repair of bilateral corpus cavernosum defects.

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