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The amount of variation in size and morphology of Pacinian corpuscle is caused by different maturation stages.
of a sperm flagellum showing the 9+9+2 axoneme (ax), accessory bodies (ab), mitochondrial derivatives (large md1 and small md2), and the puff-like corpuscle (arrow).
This shows clearly that the microscopic particles have only a wave feature and not corpuscle feature, which is inherent nature of particles in the quantum mechanics.
On the domain of attraction for the lower tail in Wicksell's corpuscle problem.
Character 7: Renal corpuscle within the epididymal complex: A renal corpuscle is present (state 0).
The effects of supplemental fermented agro by-products diet on the blood corpuscle and plasma chemical composition in fattening pigs (1) Items Treatments (2) C T1 Blood corpuscle Leukocytes ([10.
The disruption of the renal tubules together with the renal corpuscles was bound to hamper tubular reabsorption and glomerular filtration (Farag et al.
Mechanoreceptors are the units that convert tactile stimuli into neuron excitations and are of two types: static--Ruffini corpuscles and Merkel receptors and dynamic--Meissner cells and Pacini corpuscles.
corpuscle: A red corpuscle brings oxygen to a working muscle.
chemical fights which are reality, galaxies and highways of corpuscle,
According to the group, "once the artificial bone is implanted, the human bone corpuscle grows and "scrambles" into the man-made biological structure.
Inoue and other researchers at the university are expected to take samples of nuclear DNA from the tissues to analyze human leucocyte antigen, a pattern of white blood corpuscle.