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He had a little room for strangers, and a small corral for the horses, all made of sticks and reeds; he had also dug a ditch round his house as a defence in case of being attacked.
[1] The corral is an enclosure made of tall and strong stakes.
Place of execution: spain - toledo - corral de almaguer
But for one week each year, Cole, whose dad served in the Army and National Guard for 27 years before being medically retired in 2012, has a chance to push those struggles behind and simply be a kid by enjoying the thrills of summer at Camp Corral.
In a statement, Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (TUCP) Vice President Louie Corral said it is wary of a possible intervention from the Department of Finance (DOF) to derail the SOT.
In the Balitaan sa Maynila forum held on Sunday, Louie Corral, TUCP vice president, said the petitions would be filed within the week.
Luigui Corral and Ivonne Payes, co-owners of RE/MAX American Dream, today unveiled a colorful mural depicting the process of immigrants fulfilling their American Dream of owning their own home.
Emer's Camper Corral, LLC, ("Camper Corral") sued Michael Alderman and Alderman, Inc.
Golden Corral has lent its support for many years to the United States military, its veterans and their families.
OK CORRAL was a classy winner of the Listed novice chase at Warwick and is now a best-priced 4-1 (from as big as 10) for the National Hunt Chase at the festival.
The major event of the opening day was the going of men and women into seclusion in the corral (cattle house), called autik in Kalash language.