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But children taught by a teacher who does not speak grammatically correct English will produce sub-standard results as the same errors will occur in their speech, written work and assessments.
Most pupils today don't display commonsense, can't speak correct English and are lacking in discipline in school and home.
I know one young guy who wants to be a firefighter but he doesn't have the correct English qualification.
Over and above poor attention to detail, the firms noted a general inability to write well, with candidates failing to use correct English, or structuring answers poorly or not being concise.
In order to help achieve this objective the following activities and outputs to be delivered in comprehensive, non technical and correct English are requested: news alert service; thematic issues; indepth reports; future briefs, dissemination and promotion.
Just because you're writing an email, don't think you can avoid using correct English.
Without this reinforcement at home, much of the burden to teach students correct English lies with teachers.
SUSAN SMITH, Billingham | | | IT is important to be able to use correct English.
The aim of the competition was to improve their spelling, increase vocabularies, and learn language concepts to develop correct English usage.
However, the essence of this debate lies not in what was correct several hundred years ago, nor what may be correct in the future, but what is correct in the present, whether any single individual agrees with this or not (as an example, I do agree with the Americanisation of spelling, by accepting z in place of s in certain words, as to me this is not correct English spelling, but since the OED accepts this then so be it).
In no part of the English-speaking world do people agonise over correct English as much as in England itself (or at least in the middle-class regions of the South of England).
The correct English translation is "The Army of Guardians of the Islamic Revolution.