correct behavior

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From an operant perspective, this likely occurred because the competition of the step by the experimenter served as a model that increased the future likelihood that the participant would engage in the correct behavior in the next session and thus contact reinforcement (i.
It is extremely important for us to form an environment of tolerance and correct behavior.
Make it easy for your dog to be correct and reward correct behavior.
By forming and using their knowledge, adopting correct behavior and by utilizing capable equipment, humans must compensate this evolutionary deficit.
Equally important, enforcing consistently correct behavior early in pup's life cuts back on nagging pup, striking pup, hollering at pup and making life generally miserable for both you and pup.
The Lebanese political leaders are highly qualified and no country should decide for Lebanon and it is not a correct behavior for any country, be it Iran, Saudi Arabia, France or the US, to decide for them from outside, and we have now a very transparent view about the election of the president in Lebanon," Amir Abdollahian said, addressing a number of Lebanese media activists in Tehran on Saturday.
That is what social proof is--the phenomenon where people often look to others for cues concerning the correct behavior in a situation.
In one crucial aspect, we are now witnessing an exposure of a gap -- a morality gap, arguably -- between the Anatolian Sufi tradition with strong values based on tolerance, ascetism, correct behavior and a political Islam, copy-pasted from abroad, which stands close to being seen as a vehicle to autocratic formats of ruling.
It is a good statement of one of the organization's values and what correct behavior is, and in many ways, these guiding principle statements can be as useful for driving culture as the vision and mission statements.
Like the Xunzi [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII], the Analects assumes that virtues are not innate but have to be acquired from external sources, such as the tradition of ritually correct behavior created by the sage-kings of old.
Starting off simply, Grossman got Bandit to touch her hand with his nose on command, in return for a tasty treat as a reward for correct behavior.
If a club want a player, they must talk to the president of the club at which that particular player plays, and not just deal with the agent -- that is not correct behavior," Internacional president Giovanni Luigi said, (http://www1.