correct valuation

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All tiles (shipments) should be subjected to magna scale for them to declare the correct valuation," he said in a news briefing.
Lapena said that under his watch, the BOC was gradually doing away with the practice of benchmarking, which allows traders to expedite the processing of their imports without the required inspections, so that the correct valuation of goods at the ports could be done.
She said: "The manner in which WBC is handling the property valuation process is farcical given that they have not employed chartered surveyors who are specialists in compulsory purchase orders and are not following the correct valuation process.
For example, we work all over the GCC and all over the world, so if we are evaluating machinery in the UAE, we can get information from other areas so that we are able to provide the correct valuation.
A substantial valuation misstatement occurs when the claimed charitable deduction is 150% or more of the amount determined to be the correct valuation (Sec.
It is utmost important that the party intending to conduct valuation provide the real Purpose of Valuation as only then the Valuator would be able to determine the correct Valuation Approach.
Sellers hoping to move in the improving market this summer should, as ever, make sure that their property is as well presented as possible and at the correct valuation.
To set the correct valuation the underwriter needs to understand the actual values shipped and the related selling price valuation," Ilias states.
As the court determined that this was a question of fact, upon which the correct valuation method for damages would be based, the supreme court reversed and remanded the decision for a retrial to determine the amount of just compensation owed to the Ruperts.
But the entire process, from getting the correct valuation done to finding out prospective buyers and finalising the deal, may be a daunting task for many of us.
Wolves have rejected bigmoney bids for the outfield duo from Sunderland and West Ham respectively as they seek what they feel is the correct valuation for the pair.